I See A Bad Moon Rison....

This week, I was alerted to the fact that Andre "Bad Moon" Rison, has agreed to practice with the Argos, and see if he still has it. Let's overlook the fact he is 37, and hasn't played football for 3 years. This is Bad Moon.

I may be biased, as he is my favorite player of all time (slightly ahead of Deion). It started with the Falcons. Back when it was prime to the hammer, hammer to the prime, Rison was hauling in balls like a porn star. Combine that with the fact that PASS 1 in tecmo was guaranteed 60 yards, and you see the glory that was Andre.

Step forward to the first Falcons game vs. Deion after Prime left. Andre and Deion had that ridiculous slap fight on the 50, that can only be described as a HS fight between two girls you both slept with the same dude. It ranks with Rick James freaking out in the booth in the Eddie Murphy video as best moments on TV ever.

Times got tough for Rison. He got bounced around the league like he was Chris Mills and someone needed to balance their salary cap. Left-eye burned down his house, and he started deciding he wasn't down with child-support. To all these things I say, "Who cares!"

No one cares about the CFL except Dave and Amanda. I guarantee if you let a fat, out of shape Rison start duck walking around, you will have fans buzzing around the Skydome like it is a giant beehive. His goal is to use the CFL as a springboard back to the NFL. Chances are he might springboard like Louganis, and come spalshing down, but if it works out, the Argos will be able to put fan number 5,001 in the seat.

@ 9:41 AM, mario kicked the following game:

I was never a big fan of Rison but I am a big fan of Tecmo Bowl Football. I am all for CFL teams bringing in a "gimmick" player for tryouts. The best of all time was the Argos trying out Ben Johnson as a kick returner.
He may have been off the juice , he could still run fast but one problem, he couldn't catch the football. So his CFL days were done and he went off to run a race against a horse and a car in P.E.I.


@ 9:59 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

HaHA! I forgot about the car and horse race Mario - classic! Mark Gastineau ranks up there with gimmick players too.


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