Seriously...Is the whole world on crazy pills????

When I first heard the word, I got excited. He was my favorite wrestler back in the day. Sunny Bhalla used to dress up like him and wrestle Mike Sheehan. If wearing a red bracelet was all it took, then hell yeah, everyone should be praising Kamala.

Then I found out it wasn't in fact, Kamala, it was Kabbalah. By no means is Herohill attacking the religion. Faith comes to different people in different forms, and to tell someone that a religion is bogus would just be wrong (so Mr. Travolta, no worries, we will let you off easy this time).

The issue we have is the fact that celebrities jump on these things and beat them into the ground with the unoriginality of trying to be original. Four years ago, Thom Yorke stood on SNL holding a sign that said "Let Nader Speak". Celebrities were on Nader's jock like stink on shit. Sure, Herohill thinks the two party system is horrible, and something needs to be done, but the support the celebs gave Nader probably contributed a lot to the 7% of the vote he got, and for damn sure helped put Dubya in the Oval Office. Celebrities need to start realizing that what they do actually affects young people, and trying to be different isn't always going to help. You want to be different, drive to your gigs or the set in an electric car or make your mansions out of recycled plastics. Don't infringe on religion or politics. Things change too quickly and require an actual knowledge of what is going on. As you flip-flop on issues, your influence drastically affects the world. Think about Tibet. When the Beasties came out and represented the TFCs, kids everywhere were about a Free Tibet and being Buddhist. Now, while purists still fight on, 90% of those same teenagers can't even remember what happened to the Tibetan flag they once hung so proudly.

The latest trend is Kabballah. It started with certifiable nutter, Madonna, and has spiralled downward to every peon in Hollywood. Seriously. Newest celebs who have come out to say they have to rely on the ancient mystic numerology of Kabbalah include 18-year old idiot Lindsay Lohan, and rocketscientist Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan, the woman who came out and said she doesn't care about politics because if she says she is democratic, she loses 50% of her fan base. Not anything to do with the state of the world, her fan base. Paris had to run and get a new bracelet after she and former backstreet boy Nick Carter broke up. The bracelet came only after talking to her pychic. That is how it usually goes for me as well.
  1. Break up
  2. Con artist
  3. Religion I have no actual knowledge about
  4. New relationship
  5. Sex Tape

Kabbalah bracelets are being sold, or should I say, were being sold for 25 bux at target (they sold out, and for some reason, the Web page no longer exists, so I am not sure if they are still sold). That means, hundreds or even thousands of young adults who saw the girl from Mean Girls pledge alligance to the power of Kabbalah are now doing the same. Hopefully they won't mirror everything these role models are doing, because the power of the internet and plastic surgeons don't make everyone famous.

I am not sure, but I think any person who actually practices the religion might actually want any followers to know why they are following. My plea to every celebrity nutter is simple:


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