Sunday, August 1, 2004

Steezo's 15 minutes of fame not up yet!

Tonight I went down to the SkyDome to see Glasgow Celtic play AS Roma as part of the Champions World Series tour of North America by some of europe's top football clubs. It was really quite enjoyable to see professional soccer over here (played on real grass no less) and for once the SkyDome seemed to have life in it again. Euro 2004 spitter Totti scored the only goal of the game to give Roma the 1-0 win. Many Italians went home happy. Especially the Mr. Italia named "Dave" sitting behind us. Guy, we get the fact you like Roma, you bought a jersey just for the game, point tooken. We know you have a passion no one else can understand for the game of soccer, but seriously, tone it down a little. You live in Canada slick, you can buy all the Roma jersey's you want, you aren't reppin' Forza any more than the next kappa trackpants man.

On the way down to the game, Petra and I stopped by the HMV on Yonge. I was looking around, not seeing anything interesting until I happened to browse the staff picks in the urban section. At the very top, chosen by a dude whose name escapes me, is the CD you see at right: The Black Life by Chris Lowe. I've never heard of this guy before and the cheesy title along with him posing on the cover in some generic bar drinking what looks like a cosmopolitan pretty much meant I was going to have a chuckle and move on.

But wait. Look at the yellow sticker in the left hand corner. It says: Chris Lowe [of Steezo fame]. Steezo! Fame! Where is this coming from? If you were really into hip hop in the late 1980's or are one of those British kids who only listen to 80's hip hop that they and their two closest mates know about, then you know about Steezo. Steezo-E was a former backup dancer for EPMD from Connecticut who released a highly slept on album in 1989 called Crazy Noise on Fresh records. I still have this album on cassette and I feel all warm inside when I think about it. Bring The Horns, It's My Turn, To The Max, Crazy Noise, all the tracks on this album are gold. The beats are all vintage funk samples that were used here before they became played out. As I said, I love Steezo, but his album was released in 1989. How is this Chris Lowe character releasing an album 15 years later and trying to piggyback on Steezo's success? And saying "Of Steezo Fame" no less. I know the hip hop purist-types love the Steezo and Stone's Throw records is planning to put out his second album that was never released, but fame is a huge stretch. That would be like recording a rock album and saying your guitar player was Jim Smith of Chiliwack fame.

Needless to say I was intrigued. I looked at the guests on the album and it was a done deal: Large Pro, PMD, Fort Knox(?), DJ Cash Money, Sadat X, Dinco D, Tall T(?), Dooley O, and Steezo! So I've bought this album but haven't listened to it yet. I have no idea what Chris Lowe is all about. He could sing, rap, tapdance, I have no clue. This CD is gold to me before I've listened to it, so I just thought I'd share my thoughts on the album now in case listening to it makes me want to file it away behind my copy of Oaktown 357 and never speak of it again. Rest assured I'll have a review of this up soon.

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At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Anyone know what tune the vocal and guitar are sampled from on the "to the max" track on the first Steezo lp ???


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At 2:45 PM, Anonymous alysha did sayeth:

how are you boy


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