This is my dream team

Was anyone else as happy to see the US squad lose as I was? I have felt the idea of the "Dream Team" was out of date ever since they put the II beside the name. Like most sequels, Dream Team II was just away to take money away from fans. At least Dream Team II and III were assembled with players that were honored to go and support their country. Now, as the sequels reach Feddie vs. Jason type numbers, the team is filled with second tier NBAers who simply aren't talented enough to skate by on pure athleticism.

Do you remember the first Dream Team? It was quite simply the best basketball team ever assembled. Obviously the most talented, but more importantly, these players were ambassadors ot the game. Fans around the world were excited to see Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and even Christian Laettner. These players were loved around the world. Asembling an all-NBA team (sans Laettner) was bigger then life, and in the eyes of fans, so were these players.

As the teams are put together now, they simply pick players until they get enough YES replies to sport a 12-man roster. It doesn't matter if they have shooters, or centers. They just grab 12 people and assume they will be good enough to win. Newsflash -- Most of the best players in the NBA aren't American. I mean, Shaq, Kobe, T-MAC, KG and Duncan are the elite. But they aren't showing up. Players like Dirk, Peja, Yao, and Nash (if we could make the Olympics) are on the same tier as the US Dreamers. Then, you look at the fact that the US team doesn't play the International game. If you don't play the game, and don't have your best talent, can you really expect to dominate?

I am sure the US will probably end up winning the medal. They truly have the most talent, and I wouldn't think they can stay ice cold for ever. I just have to think, with the general apathy of the NBA players, why not make it an all college/HS team. They at least would want to play and would have some experience playing against zones and jacking nothing but 3's. Maybe they can just send Duke.

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