Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Canada: 2004 World Cup (of hockey) Champion

Finally, the World Cup Of Hockey has come back to Canada. Take that Finland, and the, uh, six other hockey playing nations of the world! We are the best, deal with it. I'm sure most of the world doesn't care about Canada's 3-2 win over Finland in last night's final, but it's big news here. In fact people ran wild in the streets of Toronto last night tipping over taxicabs, attacking the police, and trampling old people to celebrate the historic win. Nothing says "Yay, we won!" like flipping a green and orange taxi on its side.

But you have to understand, hockey is the one thing we know we're good at. After our piss-poor showing at the Olympics, the rioting was just our way of telling the world "See, we're good at sports, we won a world cup!". Never mind that Canada won't get a sniff of the World Cup most of the world cares about, this was a world cup nonetheless. I mean the tournament did used to be named after our country and Team Canada got to play all it's games at home, but still, we won that ugly ass trophy fair and square.

Gretzky for president. Make that Prime Minister, we traded The Great One to the USA once before, let's never make that mistake again.

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At 6:42 AM, Blogger mario did sayeth:

This victory and celebration is reminiscent of the many times Canada won world Curling Championships and I looted the streets with some old ladies...


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

It's great that we won, but that is the worst trophy I've ever seen. One of our players should have dropped it unpurpose. Somebdy please tell Allan Eagleson to get the old Canada Cup out of his attic so that our team can parade that around the ice instead. That would be awsome...whenever we win it we can hoist the old trophy, but if somebody else wins it they have to use that stupid crystal ornament thing.
- Mike Roberts


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