Artest is Insane. Vinsanity? Not so much.

Wow. I can say with certainty that the melee between Pistons fans and the Pacers at the Palace of Auburn Hills is the craziest fan related incident I've seen in the NBA. In a recent post I was talking the other day about how crazy Artest is, but I didn't see this coming. I mean, I've always kind of liked the guy, despite the fact some of the stuff he's done has been borderline greasy. But this is too far, it is like actual psychotic behavior. Don't get me wrong, I'm not siding with the fans here. Those douchebag Pistons fans were wrong to start the fracas by throwing a cup at Artest when he was reclining on the scorers table (By the way, WTF? Why didn't they just let him stand on the table and moon the crowd, but I digress...), and they were very wrong to turn into some kind of beer throwing mob running down on the floor to challenge the Pacers players.

However, the Pacers were just as wrong, perhaps moreso. You cannot go into the stands after people like you're in a bar brawl. Some dude threw a cup at you, oh my god! I think tomorrow you'll still wake up with all your millions. Although now Artest will wake up with the potential to make less millions as he's forfeiting some 5 million dollars due to being suspended for the year. If you were in a bar and someone threw a cup at you, by all means, give him the Barkley exit through a plate glass window. But not on the court. Laugh at the guy, swear at him if you must. Get security to throw him out and get the Pistons to apologize to you. Do anything but run up there swinging at anyone that moves and inciting a riot. The cup-throwing douche has won now. Artest is gone for the year, Stephen Jackson for 30 games and Jermaine O'Neal for 25. The Pacers season is basically over and chances are Ron Ron will never play for them again. And for what? To throw a couple wild punches that probably didn't connect. It's hard to think of a bigger waste.

On a much-more less-violent note, I was witness to another thrilling Raptor comeback today as they beat the Spurs 96-91 at the ACC. In fact it was the biggest 4th quarter comeback in franchise history, rallying from 19 down for the win. It was impressive, and much needed, after a horrendous road trip where they dropped 5 of 6 and were spanked by Seattle in their return home Friday night. It was also impressive considering Vinsanity scored 4 points and played zero minutes in the fourth quarter. The closing unit of Rafer, Mo Pete, Lammond Murray, Milt, and Bosh played hard and they huslted on defence, that is why they won the game. Lammond has 1/4 Vince's skills at this point, but he works hard and takes pride in trying to stop people.

I had taken a wait and see approach with Vince this year. The guy was frustrated after some down years here but he should have kept his mouth closed in the off-season. But if he'd help the Raps win I'd have no problem with him staying. But it's not working, and they've actually started proving they don't need him. So I think the future is pretty clear, Vince will be gone. I don't know if it will be sooner or later, but I think it is the right choice now.

@ 2:48 PM, Mike kicked the following game:

The brawl was awesome...I thoroughly enjoyed the insanity of it all. The outlook for Indiana's season certainly changed in a few brief moments.
I am also enjoying the no non-sense coaching attitude of Sam Mitchell. He sits anybody who doesn't want to pay the price, including Vince. I say Mitchell gets the team to the playoffs this year. Hurry up and get a trade done with Portland if you're going to before they realize how bad Vince is now and change their minds.


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