Dance with who brought you Vinsanity...

In interesting news, Vince Carter, a.k.a Cashmere Carter, announced yesterday he doesn't want to dunk anymore. Matter of factly he stated that "you can still make a get fouled and make a lay-up", or more accurately, not get fouled, miss a 24 foot fade-away, and watch people like Matt Bonner and MoPete steal your 4th quarter minutes.

I understand Vince is upset. He doesn't like Toronto anymore, and he is sick of being trade bait. Unfortunately, he brought this on himself. His new smug "I'm happy, I'm fine" attitude isn't really helping matters. Vince, you get to the line less than 4 times per night. Those stats would be ok if you were the "go to guy" at a coke party, but you are a top-tier NBA superstar. By coming out and saying you aren't going to dunk anymore, you won't only lose the respect of the league (already gone), but you will lose the respect of the fans too.

I'm not sure if you know this, but the reason you get voted into all the All-Star games, even though you have craptacular stats, is that the fans want to see you jump over someone and throw down a 360. If they want to see a shooting clinic, they will call Ray Allen, or Peja. If they want to see a clutch performer or get raped, they will call Kobe. All they want from you is to see you cram on people.

You saying "no dunks" is like Paris Hilton saying she won't make porn tapes, or like Eminem deciding he won't put out broodish rhymes about hating people. The people want to see things they know. Here's a scenario for you... Remember Shannon Elizabeth? Not too many people do. After taking her top off in every movie she did, she made said, "No more nudity". Guess what? Right now she couldn't get cast if she were a ballot.

I know you are just trying to get traded, but be a man. Stop whining and just play. Go home and have a money fight with your wife while you cash your 12 million dollar cheque for playing about 24 minutes per night.

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