End of an era

In sad news, I found out today that the Marquee Club in Halifax will be shutting its doors on Jan. 11, 2005. The Marquee provided a venue to see live music, as well as a later night bar that wasn't a late meat market playing the hottest club tracks over and over again. I know Halifax has a lot of great musical venues, and live music won't disappear from the Halifax nightlife, but it is sad to know the ar that I first started to go see concerts is closing.

If you took out Frosh Week celebrations, and the obligatory Metro Centre appearances by bands like Aerosmith, the Marquee was the only venue that attracted good music. The artists that played there ranged from Indie, hip-hop, folk, jam bands, rock, funk and punk. The club also helped shine a spot light on bands coming out of Halifax. The Marquee gave MuchMusic a reason to film out East. I spent most weekend nights there. Whenever I go back to Halifax, I guarantee it is the one spot I always end up.

It is sad to know that this bar is going to close, and people in Halifax may not get the chance to see great live shows. It may sound cheesy, but music changes people's lives. Some of the best nights I had in University were spent at the Marquee, watching a band with 50 other people. There were no fights. There was no violence. People paid there cover to go hear music. Hopefully, the closing of the Marquee won't prevent this from happening to other kids.
Just to give an idea, here are just some of the bands I got to see at the Marquee:
  • Buck 65
  • Sloan
  • Mix Master Mike
  • ChixDiggit
  • Gob
  • Superfriendz
  • Ron Sexsmith
  • Hayden
  • The Real MacKenzies

I could go on and on about these and other bands, but anyone in the city already has their own stories and their own memories. Thanks Marquee.

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