Gerald... "the got to be gay guy"

Mental games have been a part of sports as long as sports have been around. Trash-talking, bulletin board material, and hard fouls are part of the game. Additionally, I am going to assume that any athlete who has turned pro isn't really fazed by words or physical contact.

The Steelers are the hottest team in football, and they battle the lowly Browns this week. Big Ben has proven himself to be a clutch QB (yes, yes, it is only 6 games into his rookie year... I know) and so far, he has avoided making rookie mistakes. In an attempt to "get in his brain cavity", Browns DL Gerald Warren has boasted he wants to clean Big Ben's clock.

Gerald Warren folks. Do you know who he is? If he didn't blindside Mark Brunell as a rookie (and receive a $35,000 fine for it) you might have never heard his name. This year he has 2 sacks, and 5 tackles. He made two of those tackles all by himself! To me this is the equivalent of Eric Anderson threatening to flagrantly foul Jordan back in the Knicks/Bulls battles. Jesus man, you are averaging one tackle per game! Solid. You are averaging one tackle more than me, and I don't even play.

I understand you are trying to get the team hyped up, and get in Ben's head. I also understand you are from Florida, so you probably overestimate your own skills and aren't used to being around QB's that actually succeed in the NFL. Maybe you can go find Danny Wuerffel and help him turn his helmet around. At any rate, the Browns may beat the Steelers, and Big Ben may have a bad game, but I am going to bank that Gerald has little to do with it.

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