I've got Argo fever!!!

I love football and I've got Argo fever! I know it sounds dumb and people generally diss the CFL but not me. Mind you, I don't watch games start to finish or know many players (besides NFL rejects) but hey, I've got Argo fever. I've got Grey Cup fever actually.
Now, I would watch an NFL game over a CFL game but my beloved Dolphins were out a long time ago, so my viewing has been spread out among other footbal games. For you CFL bashers out there, have you watched the recent playoff games? I watched, from the 4th quarter onward, and was into the games. The games Saskatchewan played came down to the final seconds, they were exciting. The Argos upset the favoured Allouettes, both semi-finals were played infront of 50,000+ fans.
Now, I am routing for the Argos. I have always liked Pinball Clemons. He is archived forever on my old school tapes, and if you ever hear him do an interview, he just sounds like a nice guy.
So, I'm routing and picking the Argos to win. Despite having Andre "Bad Moon" Rison on the roster, the Argos have not used him and they will be the 2004 Grey Cup champs by beating the Lions 27-23.

@ 7:47 AM, Mike kicked the following game:

It is nice to see this new popularity for CFL football, especially after they almost folded a few years ago. The league seems very strong and stable again. I would have more interest in it if our pathetic city ever gets around to building us a decent stadium and we get a team. And you're right Mario, who couldn't cheer for a team coached by Pinball.


@ 10:55 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:


I agree Mario, Pinball has always been the man. I'd say I'm a prt-time CFL basher, but I've always wished Canadians were more into it. We've got a 100 year old sports league that is uniquely Canadian, and we all diss it because it's not American. I'm as guilty as the next man there, but I still think it's a shame.


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