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I know the role of a sports journalist is to talk of controversial issues and form sometimes outlandish issues. Herohill has often pointed out the hypocrisy of the day to day articles written by Toronto Star columnist, David Feschuk. He has become a master of beating a dead horse and overlooking simple facts (for example saying the front office of the Raptors failed by not getting upper echelon to come North - overlooking the fact that it is impossible to get big name players to sign up here, or that the Raptor's front office made mistakes signing the core of the team that was one shot away from the Eastern conference finals, but now blaming the team's current problems on the fact they have to shuffle the lineup).

I thought no one could get in my craw more the Fez. However, that is no longer true. CNNSI's Peter King has made it to the top of the list of horrible journalists. His football column is absolutely ridiculous. Every week he talks about how great Favre is. Pete, we know, you love him. Brett is a great QB and he plays through injuries, and personal tragedy. He repeatedly talks about the fact Jake Plummer is a candidate for MVP, even though the team's success is based on the run. He doesn't seem to care that Plummer throws costly INTs. He was quick to say Roethlisberger is not an MVP candidate because the Steelers run too much, but the 'berger isn't making costly mistakes. I know he is a rookie, but so far in the season, who has made the plays when it counted? I am not sure how his logic works. Were McNair's stats really on par with Peyton's? Making plays when it counts, not making mistakes and leading a team to victories = the MVP.

He throws in random facts about his kid's softball team, the Sopranos and Starbuck's coffee. At first, this was funny, now it takes up about half the column. Readers don't actually want to hear your non football thoughts. If I want a recap of the Sopranos, I can find a review written by someone with actual television credibility. If I want to hear about your coffee purchases, well, actually, no, I just don't want to hear about them.

The worst part is your football insight seems to be based on your personal feelings about players and coaches. We all know you hate TO. Most people do, but to pick the Cowboys in an upset over a team that has lost once all year?

"But there's something about Bill Parcells getting his team up for must-win
games, and the middle of the Philadelphia defense, which has been prone to allow
some rushing-game pounding, and Terence Newman on Terrell Owens, and the Cowboys crowd getting lubed for a Monday-nighter with the hated Eagles ... I can't get scientific on this one. I just like the Cowboys. Final: Dallas, 19-16."

Have you watched football this year? The Cowboys haven't been chewing up yards on the ground. Betting against TO in a prime time game? In Dallas? That is your MO. You pick these wild upsets without backing up any of your predictions with facts. Anyone can do that.

So, Mr. King. Please, write about football, and try to use some facts. Don't talk about watching 12 games in the booth, the perils of ordering drive-thru orange mocha frappachinos or why you would bet Favre won't be looking at tape, he will be riding a John Deere mower. We are all tired of it. I used to go to CNNSI to read about sports, but now because of you, I now actually go to

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