Monday Night Mad

I really hate it when very innocent situations are sensationalized, and then totally blown out of proportion. The latest one to piss me off is the Nicolette Sheridan - Terrell Owens pre game skit from this week's Monday Night Football broadcast on ABC. Incase you missed it, actress Nicolette Sheridan tries to convince Owens to skip the game for her. Sheridan is only wearing a towel, which she drops and then jumps into Owens' arms. This has caused a huge uproar. ABC has been flooded with complaints from viewers, and NFL personnel such as Colts coach Tony Dungy and Steelers owner Dan Rooney have voiced their displeasure with the skit.

Maybe somebody can explain to me what the big deal is because I just don't get it. First of all, I think it was a great move by ABC to gain more publicity for Desperate Housewives, the TV show which stars Sheridan as the vixen. Sheridan stayed true to her character in the skit. ABC has had their asses kicked for decades now by the other networks in the ratings. Now they have the hottest new show on television in Desperate Housewives. Everybody in ABC's marketing department would be on the street if they didn't milk this success for all it's worth and try to grow an even larger audience for the show.

Next, I'd like to know what the problem is with the skit itself. There was no graphic nudity, no simulated sex, and no foul language. I can't see anything that would warrant this type of outrage. There are commercials on TV that are more risky and suggestive than this skit, and any sex scene in a regular nightly TV show is much steamier than this.

The NFL released a press statement calling the skit "inappropriate and unsuitable for our Monday Night Football audience". Excuse me? Has the target audience for the NFL changed recently? For as long as I can remember, and likely much further back than that, the NFL's target audience has been males who like to drink lots of beer, eat lots of food, and check out hot chicks. I would say that the corporations who buy up advertising for NFL broadcasts would agree with me. Since there are commercials on during the NFL broadcasts which could be considered more offensive than this skit, then why do they feel that this was not appropriate for their audience?

Anyway, I'd like to congratulate ABC on this controversy, because you can't buy publicity like this. I bet you didn't think that a 20 second skit with Sheridan in it would generate this much talk, and make the hype surrounding Desperate Housewives even greater. I'd just like to tell anybody who has complained about this skit to get a life. It's not the 1950's. Open up your narrow minds and get a grip on reality. This is a stupid thing to make a big deal out of.

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