Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee great sports moments

To celebrate their 20th anniversary TSN has been conducting a poll on their website (tsn.ca) to rank the greatest sports stories of the past 20 years. The poll on TSN's site has some that are significant, and some that I just don't think belong. What I've decided to do here is list the greatest moments in Canadian sports 1984 - 2004. I've stuck to moments involving Canadians and Canadian teams, so events such as McGwire's 62nd homerun and Superbowl XXV won't be on this list. This list is of "great" moments, so things that I don't consider positive such as the Ben Johnson scandal, the Gretzky trade, and the choke of the '87 Blue Jays are not mentioned. I'm sure I've missed a few, but these are the ones that came to mind right away, so I guess they must hold some significance for me. Here is my list, in no specific order:

1. Wayne Gretzky becomes the all time NHL scoring leader. (1989)
2. Toronto Blue Jays win their first world series. (1992)
3. Canada wins '87 Canada Cup on late goal by Mario Lemieux (1987)
4. Mike Weir wins the Masters (2003)
5. Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies (RIP) enter the NBA (1995)
6. Donovan Bailey wins olympic gold in world record time, and also 4X100 (1996)
7. Edmonton Oilers start a dynasty with their first Stanley Cup win (1984)
8. Canada qualifies and plays in soccer's World Cup (1986)
9. Toronto Blue Jays win second consecutive world series on Joe Carter's homerun (1993)
10. Canada wins men's olympic hockey gold (2002)
11. Canadian men's olympic basketball team wins their pool at summer olympics (2000)
12. Calgary Flames win Stanley Cup (1989)
13. Canada wins world junior hockey championship five consecutive years (1993-1997)
14. Montreal Expos are baseball's best team during strike shortened season (1994)
15. Montreal Canadians improbable winners of Stanley Cup (1993)
16. Toronto Raptors beat the Knicks in 5 and take the 76ers to 7 in playoffs (2001)
17. Toronto Blue Jays win their first east division title and take KC to 7 in ALCS (1985)
18. Canada wins men's world hockey championship ending a 33 year drought (1994)
19. Larry Walker's MVP season (1997) and Eric Gagner's Cy Young season (2003)
20. Calgary hosts the winter olympics (1988)

There are more hockey moments on this list than I would like, but most of our great sports moments will always centre around that sport since we're very good at it, and not so good at most other sports. You'll probably also notice the lack of football on the list. The above moments are all from major North American sports leagues or the international stage, so the CFL doesn't exactly qualify. I also realize that there are very few olympic moments on this list. I find many of the olympic sports silly and insignificant, so the list only recognizes moments in sports which I have some respect for. Anyway, these would be the moments that I'd vote for because I think this list is a good representation of great moments for Canadian athletes and Canadian based sports teams over the past 20 years.

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