Screw This, I'm Outta Here!

After failing to be elected Governor of California in 1962, Richard Nixon gave the infamous quote "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore." Substitute the name Nixon in the quote for Powell, and these words could have been used yesterday by Colin Powell when he told the press that he wanted to return to private life, and resigned as US Secretary of State. A bronze star and purple heart recipient during his military days, Powell was likely stunned that the republicans won a second term, and wanted to distance himself from the administration before they tarnish his reputation internationally even worse than they already have.

Powell was very well respected around the world until he drew the straw to address the United Nations, trying to gain support to wage war with Iraq. The only evidence that was provided to Powell for the presentation was some pictures that I took of my old GI Joe stuff set up in my backyard. It must have been very awkward for him, knowing full well that it was a bunch of crap, and that the rest of the world knew it.

Perhaps Powell, being of African American heritage, was also disturbed that millions of black Americans were prevented from voting in the 2000 election in a conspiracy by the red-neck republicans to stop traditional democratic supporters from casting ballots. Maybe Powell will become a democrat now, where political icons such as Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy have shown that you can make an ass of yourself publicly, and the world will still love you.

@ 10:58 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

I like how Powell is saying "I only ever planned to serve one term". I think what he's leaving off the end there is "Because I never thought this retard would win a second term".


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