Tilt? Not this pinball

Lat night at the Raptors game, out of no where, Pinball Clemons and Damon Allen started walking to their front row seats. The place went absolutely bonkers. Pinball got a standing ovation. I'd like to think it was also for Damon Allen, but everyone knows that TO is Pinball's town. Even Vince ran over to give Pinball a hug. Shockingly, Vince didn't get hurt from the contact.

The whole time the Knicks were probably like, "what the f*&k; is the Grey Cup, and who is this 5 foot tall dude with huge chompers wearing a denim, powder blue, denim suit". People in the VIP section were coming over to give Pinball his propers, and he ate it up like it was Fenton eating steak. No other Argos got love, and after they walked onto the court to display the Cup, they were promptly ushered out of the stadium. Not Pinball. He went back to his seat and his snacks and the fact he can do no wrong in this city.

He is applying for Canadian citizenship, and all I can say is, "well played". He could probably walk down Yonge St. stabbing people, and have people volunteering to put their fingerprints on the knife. I guarantee that dude hasn't paid for a drink, a meal, a car for the last 5 years, and now that a Toronto based team has won a championship, it will only get better for the Pinball. Without a doubt in my mind, if he becomes Canadian, Pinball will be in office someday soon. It doesn't matter what rules have to be broken. Somehow the member of parliament will be running draws with their pages, and he will send 6 MIPs in motion.

I will just say this... Pinball, you are the man of the hour, the mini tower of power, but seriously cuz, play Rison.

@ 5:19 PM, mario kicked the following game:

In my earlier post "I've Got Argo Fever" I predicted the Argos would win 27-21. Well, the score was 27-19 and Pinball was the man. Sure Damon Allen was the MVP, but when the player introductions were being done for the Argos, Pinball was there with them. He gave each player a last minute pep talk as the came onto the field, he is a players coach.

You are right, Pinball can do no wrong. I hope he becomes a Canadian Citizen, then when we have the next instalement of CBC''s "the Greatest Canadian", we can all vote for him.


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