What's going on, what's going on?

Like Marvin Gaye, we at herohill want to know what's going on in the world these days:

  1. In shocking news, or because he is plugging his new book, Bob Dylan has decided to do his first interview in 19 years. Bob will sit down with Ed Bradley, who has interviewed many nutty celebrities and done everything he can to make them look normal (he even tried to make MJ look not crazy about sleeping with all those little kids). So he has 90 minutes to let Bob show the world he is a prolific thinker and scholar.
    Excerpts from interview:
    Ed Bradley: insert any question.
    Dylan: meh eh meh eh meh eh meh.. meh eh meh.
    Ed: laugh. Very true. Insert any other questions.
    Dylan: meh meh mehm en eh ehh ehn emeh.
    This will go on for 90 minutes. Solid.
  2. Former pairs skaters Torville and Dean are doing a reality show. Reality - you are a male figure skater. Unless you are the Dean Dorsey guy from the Cutting Edge, you might be gay.
  3. Paris Hilton - recording an album, and she "like, has to be in the studio tomorrow". This is actually valid. If she doesn't jump on her 15 minutes, it might be gone and she will have nothing left besides talking with Tara Reid about the good old days when people actually were interested in seeing them naked, instead of having to do it for publicity.

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