Yeah, more hip hop violence!

The other day in my post about ODB's death, I mentioned that the press would be sad that he died without any gratuitous violence they could crow about. Luckily for them the Vibe awards were tapped Monday and the obligatory brawl broke out during the taping. It seems Dr. Dre was being presented with some kind of Vibe achievement award when he was attacked by someone named Jimmy James Johnson. Mr. Johnson pretended to be seeking an autograph but started punching Dre in the face while Dre was heading onstage. I don't know what's stranger, that the dude's name was Jimmy James Johnson or that he was allowed to freely walk up to Dre right as he was about accept an award. They also mention that the awards were being shot in a Santa Monica airport hanger, pretty classy venue.

As you can imagine, all hell broke loose afterwards. Dre's people went crazy trying to get at this guy, taking all kinds of shots at him while security tried to take him away. At this time, G-Unit member Young Buck decided the right thing to do would be to stab the guy while he was being held by security. Which is of course the rational, level headed thing to do in that situation. Because Young Buck's not a violent fellow, according to his mother. So the stabbing was probably just a one-time thing, and hey, Jimmy James Johnson did hit Dre first, and I guess that is grounds for a stabbing. Speaking of violent men, the first article is kind enough to point out that Suge Knight has not yet been connected to the stabber. I guess in their defence they probably aren't that far off in assuming Suge is involved in any violent hip hop event.

So the media got their hip hop violence cake and ate it to this week. I think people need to think twice about having these hip hop awards shows. I'm not sure that anyone even watches them, and they only seem to cause random brawls which the media can then use to paint the hip hop world in the negative light they love so much.

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