Ben Johnson Thinks Everyone's on Steroids, Now Give Him a Dollar

If there's one we Canadians do well, it's dwell on our collective deficiencies. No matter what we accomplish we're always happier when we get to discuss what we've failed at. This is especially true where sports is concerned. Someone in Musquodoboit Harbour could cure cancer next week, but if Canada doesn't end it's gold medal drought at the World Junior Hockey Championships this month we'd all be moping about that.

Because of this, we're all to happy to rehash our biggest sporting "shame": Ben Johnson. Whenever there's any kind of steroid scandal we have to go back and talk about Ben and his 'roid raging run in 1988. So of course when the news broke about Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds being hopped up on the old steroids, some genius had to go find out what Ben Johnson had to say about it. You're never going to believe this, but Ben knew that Barry and "all those great baseball players" were on the juice. He thinks it's the American way to take the steroids, get huge and mash more homers than anyone. Perhaps that was the problem for Ben, no one explained that he was living in Canada, that the "American Way" isn't really applicable here.

Ben also says that he doesn't think Bonds should be considered a cheater if he's on steroids. Is that surprising? No. He's the most famous steroid user of all time, what else is he going to say? That would be like Ack in 97 making fun of Eminem for dying his hair blond. The butterhead calling the butter yellow if you will. Ben won with steroids but he got caught, I'm sure he admires the new techniques that allow Barry to skate through undetected so far.

I also find it interesting that Ben says anyone who runs track and wins medals is on steroids. In the process he is pretty much saying that Donovan Bailey was on the juice too. This is going a little far. You got busted and caused the country endless hours of handwringing over the fact that everyone thought we were a nation of cheaters, but I think for the most part we forgave you. It wasn't your fault we said, you were tricked by your nasty trainers. But don't try and bring down our redemption. Until someone tells us otherwise, Donovan won what you couldn't fair and square. I'm not naive enough to think there aren't a ton of people in Track who aren't on the 'roids, but you can't just say everyone is dirty.

I'm sure steroids will be in the news like crazy for the next little while, but let's leave Ben alone. He thinks everyone is on the 'roids, fine, point taken. We'll let him get back to racing against horses or being the Khadafis' personal trainer.

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