Happy 30th Shane, Fairview's Lord of the Dance

Somebody had to turn 30 first out of us, and I must say I'm glad that it's you Shane. We are all thankful because now we won't feel as bad about it when we turn 30 in the coming months. I think it's very fitting that Shane is the first one of our crew to turn 30 because I've always looked up to him. He's like the grand old wizard of the group who always has something cleaver to offer a conversation, which normally comes in the form of some type of sarcasm. He is a great friend to many of us and is always there to give some advice, his opinion, and most of all make us laugh. Here are some of my favorite memories of Shane from the past 30 years...actually from the last 25 since I didn't meet him until we started school.

- Shane has always been a good all around athlete. He was never a super star at one particular sport, but was very good at everything he played. Having said that, it hasn't always been easy for Shane. He has gotten his fill of coaches who for one reason or another seemed to pick on him a bit. The most notable are the dude who coached his high school basketball team at Halifax West, and his bantam hockey coach Kevin Mitchell, who I can verify first hand wasn't one of Shane's biggest fans. I can also recall Shane clashing with his Fairview Carroll Pontiacs softball manager Mario Eleftheros one season.

- Criminal Shane is another fond memory of mine. I like this one because the skiv image really doesn't fit when it comes to Shane. He has played the part on a couple of occasions, having been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct back in his high school days (at least I think these are the only times he's had run-ins with the law).

- Shane was a dancing machine back in his FJHS days. He even had a special pair of slippers that he would put on to dance in Mario's basement. Shane was the rage of all the FJHS dances. The whole school would form a circle around him and watch as Shane performed the Humpty Dance in the middle.

- Who the hell marries their girlfriend from high school? Well, I guess people who knock their girlfriends up in high school might. Oh yeah, and Shane too. Do you know why Shane did? I think he realized that Petra took pity on him and that no other girl would have him, so he better hold on to what he's got. Actually, that's a lie. The truth is that I haven't seen two people who are more perfect for each other. I can't see any other girl who could put up with Shane's banter all the time. I want a trip to Vegas for my 30th! Or PEI. Doesn't matter. One of them.

- Poor Shane wasn't able to get a date for the junior high prom. Actually, I'm sure he could have. After all he was a tall, fit, good looking, popular, athletic guy. However, Shane went to the prom solo by choice, and hasn't stopped hearing about it from us since. To make the torture on himself even worse, Shane decided to be unique and not dress up. He wore a sweater, some type of slacks, and sneakers while the rest of us wore tuxedos. I am actually all for kids not going overboard like that now days since it too much of an expense for some families, but I still have to get some digs in at Shane for doing it back then.

This is just a sample of some of my favorite Shane memories since there are way too may to list. I am looking forward to creating new favorites in the coming years. By the way Shane, just because it's your birthday I haven't forgotten that you and Mario owe me lunch when you come to Halifax in a few weeks, so don't blow all of your money in Vegas. Thanks for 30 years of great memories, and most of all, your friendship. In the words that Joey Ramone used at Mr. Burns' birthday party "Happy birthday you old bastard".

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Ahh, Mike, you sweet bastard, thanks for the kind words.


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that's beautiful man


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