"I'm on the Zoloft to keep from killing y'all"

Has there ever been a crazier character in the world of sports or entertainment than Mike Tyson? Nobody even comes close in my opinion. There are some athletes who have attempted to go out of their way to be crazy to gain notoriety and attention, but Iron Mike does it without effort. His craziness is genuine. The latest story has a driver accusing Tyson of jumping on the hood of his car outside a nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona for no reason. There are always two sides to every story, but since it's Tyson I'll give the driver the benefit of the doubt because Mike really doesn't need any type of reason to do this type of stuff. Apparently Tyson now lives in Scottsdale, which is kind of a crazy in itself. I guess he just decided he'd like to try living in the desert. The driver of the vehicle said he stopped to let Tyson cross the street. Tyson started yelling at the driver and then got on the hood of his vehicle and started jumping and pounding on it. This is Mike Tyson at his finest. Only Mike would be crazy enough to get on top of a vehicle while it is running with somebody behind the wheel. I guess the driver must have been too stunned to put the pedal to the metal and knock Tyson off.

There is nothing better than new Mike Tyson stories. Nothing can compare in entertainment value to watching Tyson do an interview. Even though his boxing skills have deteriorated to a pathetic level I am still in awe of his insanity in and out of the ring. The tattoo he has added to his face is brilliant and done wonders to add to the crazy legend Iron Mike. Find me somebody who doesn't turn up the TV whenever you see him on it. Everybody does, because you know you are going to get to here some kind of wacky gibberish out of his mouth, or a story that will have you laughing. The best news is that he's now training to fight again soon. It doesn't really matter if we've ever heard of the guy he fights, or which one of the few areas of the world he is still licensed to box in. This is not about boxing anymore, it's about entertainment, and nobody is a better entertainer than Mike Tyson.

@ 2:22 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Trevor Berbick did something similar years ago. All I can remember is that he had his shirt ripped of and he was on the hood of a car. He then jumped off into a crowd and started fighting. Not sure why he was doing this but he also did rape his family's babysitter...


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