Naedoo @ 30

My first 30 years, in one simple posting...

My people are from here and here.

I was born here, December 4th, 1974.

I started school here.

I played here.

I went to junior high here. Go Lions.

I was one of these. This reference is a little inside, peace to my CAD homies.

I went to high school, and met Petra, here.

I got fired from here .

I went to university here.

I drove one of these.

I worked here.

I drank some of these.

I got my computer learnin' here.

I moved here.

I miss these.

I used to work here.

I drove one of these.

I married Petra here. Yes, it is across from the Dairy Queen.

We have none of these.

Only two of these.

I now drive this.

But mostly I ride this.

I now work here.

I would like to work here, or here, or here, or even here.

Thanks to Petra, I'm celebrating my birthday here.

30's not so bad.

@ 5:44 AM, mario kicked the following game:

You forgot to mention that you got beat up at "Subway"...Happy Birthday.


@ 9:04 AM, Jon Cleveland kicked the following game:

yo droop me a line if you get the chance @



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