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2004-2005 NFL Pre-Season Edition 

Herohill loves the nfl football, so we thought we'd put together our All-Herohill NFL pre-season team. Ack is doing the defence and Shane the offence. Keep in mind this is the all herohill team, don't expect to see Peyton Manning and Brian Urlacher here.


17 Rodney Peete
QB, Panthers

You can never have too much experience at QB. That's why I went with Rodney Peete, who's been in the league since 1989. But that's not the only reason. Not only does he backup former Saint Jake Delhomme in Carolina, but he once played on the Eagles with Randall Cunningham, my favorite QB of all time. Plus he married Vanessa from hanging with Mr. Cooper. That was worth mentioning at one point in time.

38 Dahrran Diedrick
RB, Packers

I wanted to get a Canadian on the squad and Dahrran's reppin' Scarberia, so that's why he made the squad. Well that and the fact he spells his name Dahrran. Dahrran was the first Canadian to be a scholarship recruit ay Nebraska.

44 Najeh Davenport
FB, Packers

I've ended up with an all Green Bay backfield by selecting najeh davenport at FB. But his blocking ability isn't really why I chose him. In 2002 najeh was arrested for breaking into a woman's dorm room going into her closet and taking a shit in her laundry basket. Seriously, best arrested athlete story going.

84 T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WR, Bengals

This dude just has a cool name, that's the bottom line here. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, look at how long and un-football sounding it is. Sounds like an Iranian soccer player.

85 Marc Boerigter
WR, Chiefs

Here's my token white reciever/ex-CFL player/funny bio picture. Look at the picture, it's gold. I know the messy hair look is still somewhat in, but this guy takes it to a whole 'nother level.

84 Michael Lewis
WR/KR Saints

I had to have at least one Saint on here, and it might as well be the Beerman. For those not famliar with the Beerman's story, Michael Lewis went from driving a Bud beer truck to playing in the NFL for his hometwon Saints. He played no college ball, but had always been lightning fast, so he thought he'd give footbal a go. He played in the arena league and NFL Europe before making the Saints at 29 and setting an NFL record for kick-return yardage in 2002. Gotta love the beerman.

88 Itula Mili
TE, Seahawks

Remember when that Alfred Pupunu dude on the Chargers would pretend to slice open the football and drink it like it was a coconut after he scored? That was cool. This guy should do that.

64 Luke Butkus
G, Texans

Luke is the nephew of hall of fame linebacker and former star of Hang Time, Dick Butkus. That's good enough for herohill.

78 Aaron Gibson
T, Bears

This guy has played at 400 pounds. Think about that, it's around 80 pounds more than two of me combined would weigh.

64 Phil Bogle
T, Chargers
He's the king of bogle, there is none higher. A beastie's reference I thought Ack would enjoy. Great name though.


99 Igor Olshansky
DE, Chargers

This guy is the king. Wears 99 like the Russian Great One, bench presses like 10 million pounds. He is like Drago in Rocky IV. The reason he is here.. his grandfather was in WW2, and got wounded 11 times. How the f does that happen.

94 David Upchurch
DT, Steelers

Needed a Steeler in here, and he is the one. His last name is Upchurch. To quote Andre Reed.. never even heard of that name. My man was a TE in HS, and is now a 300 pound fattie. That is an intense freshman 15.

98 Travis Hall
DT, Falcons

Herohill gives respect to any one who has to hunt for food (moose mostly) and has to trek through knee deep snow for fuel. Seriously, that is nutty. I don't even like wlaking to the fridge for a beer when the game is on. Plus, this dude made the allprodad team. He is a good guy.

50 Rocky Boiman
LB, Titans

Red-head whose dream was to play football for the Irish. He loves to drum and sites Neil Pert and Lars as his favorite drummers. Anyone need a sterotype... Rocky has a few extras he can give away.

59 Dat Nguyen
LB, Cowboys

His name is Dat. He is a loon, and he tackles everything that moves.

57 Dwayne Rudd
LB, Raiders

Take a look at his pic. if God gave me that cranium, I would never take my helmet off, even after the games were over, let alone on the field to cost my team the game. ET phoned. He wants his head back.

34 Ray Buchanan
FS, Raiders

Seriously, Ray Ray. You need to drop the Deion routine. You are crap. You haven't made a play in 4 years. I hired Columbo to find all the steps you have lost. Maybe you can go on the next Amazing Race with your wife. She is more of a celeb than you now.

24 Ike Taylor
CB, Steelers

A. His name is ike.
B. He said in an interview he first played football in church shoes, since he couldn't afford cleats.
A plus B equals kickass.

4 Mackenzie Hoambrecker
K, Chargers

Seriously this is a name from a prep is some 80's movie, it has to be. This cat was also an all pro swimmer. I think he showed up at the Charger camp thinking it was the polo team.

8 Josh Miller
P, Steel...crap...Patriots

My favorite player. Cowher take your huge head and chin out of your huge ass and get him back to the Steeltown.


Al Pupunu was an incredible player. A lot of guys have copied his touchdown dance, but none will ever do it like him!

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