Feschuk Must Be Fun At Parties

Honestly, I don't know how many more anti-Feschuk rants I can write this season. My dislike of his columns hasn't lessened, but my desire to devote my time to him has. It's only natural, the NBA season is winding down for the Raps, and my focus will soon turn to other things. Unlike Feschuk I do grow tired of beating a dead horse repeatedly, even if it is being done on priciple. But who knows, maybe I'll get a second Feschuk bashing wind up writing some more. But savour the flavour of this one anyway, as iy might be a while until the next.

So the Raps have about 20 games remaining in a mostly disappointing season. They're 27-36 and basically tied for last in their division. Not much to look forward to as we close out the 04-05 season. But then we have a game like Sunday (of course I sold my tickets and didn't go), the Raps set the NBA record for 3's in a game, Donyell Marshall ties the NBA record for 3's made with 12, and the Raptors finally get a home blowout with a 128-110 win over the Sixers. Not exactly on par with the Heat winning their 50th game of the season, but if you`re a Raps fan, it`s something. It`s a chance to feel half-decent about the Raps, at least for a day. But does Feschuk feel the same way? I think we know he doesn't.

Feschuk is the guy you get cornered by at a party who sees the downside in everything. You could tell him you won a million bucks, he'll complain about taxes or relatives looking for handouts. So Feschuk sizes up Marshall's three-fest and basically talks about how much money Donyell made himself with that one game. Because, as we all know by now, Marshall is a free agent at the end of the season and Feschuk figures he made himself a bunch more money with that one game. Wow, that's ground breaking reporting there, I guess there wasn't a ton of interest in him already. But you'd think Feschuk would know that as he spent so much time complaining the Raps didn't trade Marshall for anything at the deadline. Fes also uses to the column to take a shot at Hoffa Araujo for having anotherbad shooting night. More groundbreaking journalism there, it's not as if everyone and their Mom is making jokes about Hoffa sucking. It's ironic that Feschuk chooses this column to get back on the Hoffa dis-train, considering that 5 days ago he wrote a column talking about Hoffa showing some promise. A moment of weakness for the Feschuk I guess, writing about promise where the Raps are concerned. He corrected that quick fast.

By now I should expect nothing less from Feschuk. If he writes anything close to positive or even just a story that isn't about the Raps incompetence, he follows it up with a Hammer. After writing the Araujo piece, he wrote a story called "Fans growing weary of getting fleeced". Excellent. I'm tired of the Raps sucking, no doubt about that. I don't often worry about getting fleeced, I do get to see NBA basketball for the price of my ticket. But Feschuk doesn't care. As I've said before, he doesn't like basketball. He probably wants to stop writing about it, so he hopes the franchise goes teets up. Jokes on him though, I'll be going to Raps games again next year, my small contribution to keeping him doing what he hates.

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