Hello Mon Cowboy

The year is 1990; nervous grade 9 students sit in the library at Fairview Junior High getting ready to write exams. You can see them sweating, looking over their answers wondering if they will pass or fail. There is one lad who doesn't seem as nervous, not as sweaty, quite calm actually. He isn't frantically writing answers, why? He has an ace up his sleeve, a good luck charm. A good luck charm? Yes, a picture of Mitsou. Remember her? She sang the 80's hit dance song, "Bye Bye mon Cowboy".

Fast forward to today. Mitsou is back! Well now she goes by Mitsou Gelinas and she is the host of CBC Newsworld's show, "Au Courant". The show can be seen on Saturdays @ 7pm Eastern Time, repeating on Sundays at noon Eastern Time. Au Courant is a new, English-language, half hour weekly program that gives an insider's look into what is making news in French Canada. We are all dying to know what is making news in French Canada, is there anything else now that the Expos are gone? But the plus side is, especially for someone like me who has been in love with Mitsou for 2 decades, she is as hot as ever.The days of "Bye Bye mon Cowboy" may be over, but she is now making her big comeback. Besides her new talk show, she starred in "Les Invasions Barbares" or the "Barbarian Invasions" last year. Again, you may be saying big deal, but it did win an Oscar.

Well, what can I say? For the fans of Mitsou out there, this is great news to see her back on T.V, the only thing that would be better is if she posed for Playboy. But in the meantime we can watch her on CBC Newsworld. In 1990, she was dubbed, "The French Madonna", that didn't pan out. Maybe now she will be the French Barbara Walters, but one thing I do know, I passed grade 9, so she must be a good luck charm for me.

@ 2:41 PM, Al B here kicked the following game:

She may have dropped off the English Canadian radar, but she's had a helluva career in Quebec. There's a whole other world that we don't bother to explore for one reason or another. Remember, there's more to Canada than Toronto!


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