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People are stupid. Just when you think you've got a grasp on just how stupid people are, someone comes along and kicks it up a notch like a stupid Emeril. Some woman in Tennessee (Tennessee? Arrested Development we need you more than ever) has sold her name to the king of wacky stunts, GoldenPalace.com. Golden Palace has bought a Virgin Mary grilled cheese, a ghost cane (?), some bad kids Christmas Gifts, and a french fry shaped like Lincoln, all from eBay. So this is not new territory for them. But considering they paid 30 grand for the grilled cheese, the fact that this woman is now getting her name legally changed to goldenpalace.com for a paltry $15,199 seems like a killer deal.

Seriously, this woman is changing her name legally to goldenpalace.com for like 15 grand. Why you ask? So she can send one of her kids to "a golf school Tiger Woods attended". Riiight, seems like a fair trade off. The hassle alone of having to show your id with "goldenpalace.com" on it is worth twice what she got paid. And one more thing, her son is not going to be Tiger Woods, no matter what golf school he goes to. I'd be willing to bet 100 grand that her kid doesn't even win one major golf tournament.

This did get me thinking though, why not have someone change their name to herohill.com? We could get some free publicity for the site and horn in on goldenpalaces' racquet. There is a catch though, anyone willing to change their name would have to do it for free, we aren't paying a dime. We'd certainly write a post about you, and maybe give you a herohill t-shirt (we don't actually have shirts yet, but they're coming!), but there'd be no financial compensation. We've always tried to do herohill.com for free, so paying someone for anything would go against the very principle the site was founded on. Or something like that, basically we're cheap. But if you're sill interested in changing your name to herohill.com, let us know.

@ 3:55 PM, Mike kicked the following game:

I wanted to put herohill.com patches on the sleeves of my softball team's jerseys, but our current sponsors didn't want to share jersey space. Since we are already on thin ice with them after getting bounced from the playoffs in the first round last season, I figure I better not push them too far.


@ 11:27 AM, naedoo kicked the following game:

ha HA, that is understandable. After all, we aren't paying anything, they are. Plus they serve draft beer for like a buck fifty, they deserve top billing.


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