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We at herohill like the good ole days. Classic hip hop, basketball, and most importantly, classic shoes. We are starting a new feature focusing on old skool kicks. We won't be talking about the trendy remakes of shoes that cost $250 bucks at JetRag on Queen that no one outside of Europe ever wore.

Today, for example, we will be talking about the Puma Frankenclyde. This shoe was the jam back in the day. Once Check Your Head came out, every white dude started wearing them. The nice blue/green/maroon suede with the flat soled white bottom. Throw in the fat laces and you were ready to go.

Let's talk about the Puma Clyde. Back in the day, Puma shocked the world by paying Walt "Clyde" Frazier to wear their shoe. Frazier was a smooth player from NY who dressed to the nines and lived it up like Dylan Mackay on 90210. You have to be a pimp to play ball in suede kicks. For those of you not in the know, Walt was the original pimp athlete. He was pimping hos, from his toes to his fro. He made Joe Naimath look like a poindexter. No play for Mr. Grey.

That being said, the frankenclyde was not ideal for balling. They had less support than Ross Perot in the 96 election. Clydes quickly found a new home as they transitioned from a ballin shoe to a b-boying shoe. The flat sole made them perfect for breakin. They were durable and once you broke in the suede, they looked awesome.

Being that I was not a breaker in NYC in the 80's, function usually gives way to fashion for my shoe selections. That is why the Puma Clydes have stuck with me. You can wear them with shorts, khakis or jeans. You can keep it cas, or dress it up. You can find colours to match any outfit and the feel great on your feet. Really, what more could you ask for from a shoe? The Puma CLyde gets two big thumbs up from Herohill.

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