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I don't like McDonalds. Loyal readers know I'm no fan of their "food". Their whole revolutionary sandwich campaign is truly genius and also very annoying. Subway, Quizno's, Mr. Sub, and all kinds of local sub/sandwich shops have been in the biz for years, but McDonalds comes on the scene and sandwiches are supposed to be a new phenomenon. They've got adds with dudes tasting their sandwiches and then donning "sandwich" boards to tell the world how delicious they are. ha HA, they put on sandwich boards because they're eating sandwiches! Seriously, these dudes put hardly any thought into anything. "We've sold a trillion burgers, let's just put some random crap in a bun. They'll sell themselves".

But Ronald's posse is going to far now. Apparently they're going to start paying rappers to mention Big Mac's in their rhymes. They're paying some company to seek out rappers to mention "Big Mac" in their songs. I'm guessing they're only going to get paid if they're song becomes a hit. I'm guessing they aren't going to pay Skee-Lo if he mentions the Big Mac on his long-awaited comeback album. The article mentions says the MC's must only mention the burger, not McDonalds, and they can include it however they see fit. "Big Mac's is mad shitty yo", I'd like to see someone get paid for that line.

Busta Rhymes made money off of "Pass the Courvoisier", so why shouldn't dudes make money off of McDonalds songs? Well they can do whatever they want, but Courvoisier is way cooler than a Big Mac. Plus I have to assume that Busta actually drinks the Courvoisier. Dudes like MC Shan or the guys from Young Black Teenagers might be working at McDonalds, but I doubt many MC's are eating there. Even Humpty Hump chose to get busy in a Burger King bathroom over the Mickey D's loo. So McDonalds needs to back off and stick to paying dudes like the Timbersnake a ton to sing their songs. I hear the Backstreet Boys are back together, they'd probably do a whole album about Big Macs for a free one each.

@ 9:53 PM, mario kicked the following game:

I think they should bring back Mike as a spokesman for MacDonald's, especially during the time he worked at MacDonalds and had a moustache.


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