A letter from God to the guy from Korn, about the letter to 50 Cent he claims to be from God

Hello guy. I recently realized you were telling people I have told you to go after 50 Cent and tell him he is a force for the devil. I'm glad you think you are down with me, but seriously, you used to be in Korn and you have white guy braids. Chances are, even your best friends don't want to talk to you, so do you really think I do?

I actually thought when you left Korn, I no longer had to worry about you, but now you have gone and pulled this jive shit. You tell 50 that you don't know if he is to "live or get smoked" but if he doesn't find me, he will die. Do you really my words translate into "get smoked"?

Another thing. If you are going to be my boy, we have to do something about your name. "Head"? Guy, c'maaan. You are on board with the lord. You can't be trying to bring that weak shit in here.

And the fact you tried to give Fiddy "our letter" and you couldn't even get a sniff, and had to leave it with a jewelry maker, just shows how little pull you have and how little you know about the Notorious G.O.D. Do you think I'm all about the bling bling? And do you think I am going to use a second rate B celeb as my vessel?

So I guess I just want to say this - I've given you more than you should ever have gotten. You made millions of horrible music, and I never said boo, but now you are dragging me into your suckness, and that I won't stand for. So let it go. Go back to being a nothing. Don't bother me and I won't bother you.

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