Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moby's New Album Sucks

Not that I've actually heard the album, or ever plan on listening to it, but based on Pitchforks' scathing review, I'm lead to believe it's terrible. It's not that I have a ton of faith in Pitchfork's rating system, but in this case, I believe them wholeheartedly. And here is why: I hate Moby. Perhaps hate is a strong word for someone I've never actually met and has never done me any personal harm. So let's say this, I have a strong dislike for Moby.

So there, I've said it. Maybe being anti-Moby makes me a bad person, but I'm nothing if not honest. I can't say what it is specifically about Moby that I don't like. He seems to be a well-intentioned guy, and I don't think the majority of his political views are that different from mine. Basically, his whole chrome-dome vibe just aggravates me. The Pitchfork reviewer uses the following description of the way Moby is commonly perceived: "Buddhist-vegan mysticism, and stiff-back political correctness". This is probably part of it for me, he seems to have a holier than thou attitude where the politics are concerned. His 100% fun-free personality isn't helping either.

His crap music also isn't helping to win me over. As far as I knew, Moby made the techno music. So you make the techno, fine, well done. But then a couple years ago he starts making some kind of indie pop muzak where he's singing and playing the guitar. He's doing self-indulgent duets with Gwen Stefani and shooting a video with dudes like Kato Kaelin, Corey Feldman, and Todd Bridges. Seems ironic in that he's now a couple discount bin albums from joining their club. I don't want to stifle someone's creativity, but in some cases you should really stick to what you know. Seems this is the case here.

It seems that Moby is about to fall the f@#k off, and if the aforementioned Pitchfork review is any indication, all kinds of people are going to be hoping on the Moby-hating bandwagon. Usually I'm loathe to make room on the bandwagon if I've been there since the start, but in this case I'll gladly make room for all comers.

Posted at 9:33 PM by naedoo :: 2 comments

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At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

you're a moron


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Moby Pwns you in the ass eh? Moby is the bestest musician EVAR. Thank you.


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