Toronto.. head for the mountains

Good shows in Toronto come like street cars. While you sit and wait in the cold cursing the TTC, no cars ever show up. Then, after losing feeling in your hands, 5 show up at once and you ride down to Queen with a personal chaffeur.

Well, the great shows are finally starting to come to Toronto. Perhaps the best news in forever, the Mountain Goats are actually going to play Lee's on May 11th. For those unfamiliar with the Moutain Goats, the songs are the acoustic stlings of John Darnielle and supporting instruments. He writes songs about people he knows, drugs, crime, and bitter bitter love experiences. Any fans of angry acoustic songs, should show up for this show. I'm new to Toronto, but I am pretty sure they don't head up here very often.

Mike Doughty is going to be up here on May 10th (well here is the Rivoli). Mike is the former front man of Soul Coughing, but his solo work far exceeds the work they did as a band. He writes infectious pop hooks, with some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. He will be touring to support his first non DIY release (ATO records - if Doughty starts covering Dave Matthews, I may have to bring a pipe bomb). If you have never seen Mike play life, he is an amazing entertainer. His crowd banter is fantastic, and the 8 bucks you will have to spend will seem like nothing.

Did you see Garden State? Of course you did. Because of that movie, the return of the Shins will be at Kool Haus, which sucks huge ass. But, none the less, they are a great band, and it will be worth the trip to see them play on April 17th.

Finally, in true Canadian form, the Arcade Fire will be playing three nights in Toronto. Chances are that if you are still reading the post, you already know this, and love them. If you don't, you are too late. Sold Out.

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