Alonzo, you saint

I am not one to be critical or skeptical of a person's motifs. Ok, well maybe I am just a little bit. Last week Miami Heat backup center Alonzo Mourning graciously donated the salary the Heat are paying him to kidney research. The money will obviously help the cause, and the fact an athlete is giving up loot will publicize everything foundations in Miami are doing t help. So bully for you Alonzo, that is a noble deed.

That being said, it is pretty easy to donate 300K when you received a total of 11 million dollars, 10 of that which came from a team you totally fucked over. Alonzo was thrown into the Raptor crap stew as a part of the Wince Carter deal. He basically retired, and forced the Raptors to pay him 10 million dollars out of the goodness of his heart (they would have owed him like 12 or something if he simply retired). But as soon as they did, he turned up on the Miami roster, backing up Shaq and playing for an NBA ring.

Let's put that into perspective. Let's say my company owes me 50 k for the year. Instead of making them pay me out, I take 41.6 and call it a day. In order to match his generousity, I would have to start working for someone else and give my whole salary to charity. My salary would be around 1200 bucks. No one can say it isn't good that I donate 1200 bucks, but when I am making 41.6 k for doing absolutely nothing, is it really that charitable? I would say, honoring your commitments and playing for who you are traded to is the first step. Show the kids that look up to you that you do the right thing, for one year. Seriously. How hard is it to come to Toronto (and you did the same thing to Jersey), play out your contract, bank 12.5 mill and still be a good citizen?

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