The Big Dance

No, I'm not talking about Aitken doing the floating foot, I'm talking about the NCAAs. It finished up with another great game last night. UNC brought home a title for Roy Williams, while Illi just couldn't find the legs to knock down some open looks and end up with the most wins in one NCAA Division 1 season.

Overall, this tournament was as exciting as any in recent years. There were enough upsets to make sure people still believe on any given night, and team in the NCAAs can beat any other team (Bucknell, Vermont). Games were closer, and more intense than any games I can remember seeing. OT, double OT, clutch shots and probable collapses (Arizona) - night after night. 18 days, 65 teams and countless moments. Here are mine:

  • Vermont beating Syracuse. Cashing that deep three in OT to seal the number 4 seed's fate, and smash open my bracket.
  • Wake Forest vs. West Virginia. Gansey stepping up in OT/2OT, a dude named Herber and my first Pittsnogle sighting.
  • Duke crapping the bed once again. Coach K - I know you have an AMEX commercial, and you get 25 wins a year, but you can't win with no rebounders and letting people bomb threes all game. Sure this squad did much better than expected, but you get one of the best recruiting classes each year. Go after someone big and physical, not Shavlik Randolph Jr.
  • Arizona: Worst, choke, ever. Lute showing once again, he just can't coach big games. Give credit to Illinois, and the fact those guys play hard for the full 40 minutes and hit some huge shots, but if Zona dumps it in to Frye, they move on.
  • Sparks-ing a J. Seriously, have you ever seen 15 refs take like fifteen minutes to analyze the Zapruter film on a buzzer beating shot? Could they really have said, "nope, you were on the line, it's done." The crowd would have rioted.
  • Illi. Sure they only lost one game all year, but I'm not sure anyone knew how much heart these kids had. Even in the final they fought back from 13, and cut another 10 point lead in the second half. D Will can ball. He looks like he should be on the set of Goodburger, but he should change his name to Patrick Revenue, because he is cash.
  • UNC vs. Villanova - My favorite game of the tourney. I thought it was over with 2 minutes left. I was wrong
  • Roy Williams - Finally wins a title, but these aren't even his kids. Why is no one giving credit to Matt Doherty. People are jumping down Weber's throat for coaching kids that aren't his, why not William's? Sure, some bands can play a cover, and make it sound better, but it ain't their song.

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