Dave Feschuk Is Wrong, Even When He's Right

A couple weeks ago I said that I probably wouldn't write anymore this season about the Raptors and columns written about them by ego-maniac and Toronto Star columnist Dave Feschuk. But Vince Carter's long awaited return to Toronto and Air Canada Centre has brought me back to beat my favorite dead horse. It also gives me a chance to play holier than thou with Feschuk and show the difference between him and me. What is the difference you ask? Unlike Feschuk, who has one point of view and will never-ever change, I can admit that in his latest column, Feschuk is right on almost all points.

All the negative things he writes about Vince are true, I cannot argue with any of them, nor do I want to. I got tired of hearing all the Vince criticism when he was still here, but that doesn't mean the things being said weren't true. The bottom line is that Vince sold out the fans of this city, and he deserves all the boos he gets. I hope the nasty reaction he gets tonight breaks Vince's tender little heart. He happily took max money here and committed to playing basketball in this city. He promptly started getting hurt like crazy and causing the Raps to begin a free-fall that led to bad trades, coaches and GM's getting axed, and tons of front-running Upper Canadians bashing the Raps to no end. Naturally, being un-tough as he is, Vince wanted to get going when the tough times came. So as painful as it is for me to say, Feschuk is right about Vince, he is a sucky crybaby and I can't wait to see him get some small measure of comeuppance tonight.

But don't worry, the Feschuk love fest ends there. He's still wrong about many, many things, and I still think he's an idiot. Feschuk still believes that Charles Oakley was the linchpin to the Raps success: "(Boo Raps Management) for failing to acquire a reasonable facsimile of Charles Oakley". He desperately needs to get over this Oakley obsession. I'm not sure if he actually saw Oakley play, but saying his game was limited is being kind. He could throw around the back passes for no reason and shoot 12 foot jumpers. He also got in fights with opposing players before games and was kind of insane. Yeah, that's leadership! If they had kept winning games, no one would have noticed that Oakley was gone.

Feschuk also says that we should boo one of his longtime favorite targets, Richard Peddie, and his newest fav, Rob Babcock. I'll give him Peddie, he probably does deserve many boos as he hasn't done much right for the Raps in the last 3-4 years. MLSE should probably give someone else the chance to run their basketball biz. But Babcock? I don't know about him yet. It is certainly fashionable to blame him for everything, but I'm not convinced he could have done much better in the Vince trade. It sucks getting no usable players, I won't argue that. But Vince was dogging it this season, and people were already saying last year that he was no longer the player he was 3 years ago. So when was his trade value going to go up? Babcock hasn't set the world on fire yet, but I'll be booing Vince, not him.

So there you have it, most certainly my last anti-Feschuk posting for this season. I wouldn't have guessed it would be a post agreeing with him, but that's fine. I'm not as bitter as Feschuk I guess. It is fun to cling to one point of view strictly out of spite, but I'm able to change my mind once in a while. Unlike some people (that means you Feschuk).

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