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It is not unique to hate on the fact they have made a movie (based on a book that was already made into a movie about a different sport) based on the last year's Red Sox. First off, who still casts Jimmy Fallon? He is like box office poison. Memo to movie execs: Casting people from SNL in your movie that aren't named Myers, Farley, Chase, Murray or Farrell is going to leave you praying the revenue from digital cable lets you break even.
But that is not the issue at hand. I know, I know... 86 years. Guess what, there are lots of teams that have never won a championship, and because of teams like the Sox and the Yankees, they never will. It became trendy as hell for people to love the Sox, and hate the Yankees. That is like saying, "I hate Lexus, but Mercedes Benz is a working man's car." Did anyone notice the payroll they have? It is 120+ million.

I also love how somehow the players on the Sox are all about heart. Manny Ramirez doesn't run, unless it is to make a horrible baserunning decision. Schilling, the great American. Republican, playing through the pain. Did everyone forget how good he was before he was a Red Sox? He didn't get by on heart, he got by because he is a dominating pitcher. tHey didn't even deserve to beat the Yanks. Why did they bring in Pedro as a reliever? That is the type of move that usually comes back to bite you in the ass, but luckily, or unluckily (I'm not sure if I would rather here about the curse, or how great the Sox are), it didn't.

Don't even get me started on Johnny Damon. As far as I can tell, this guys is a celebrity because he didn't shave or cut his hair? ESPN abnd People covered his wedding, and he wore a dressy SLEEVELESS SHIRT. C'maaan guy. And writing a book? Do people really care what JD has done or thinks?

Maybe this is sour grapes. The Sox won, and my team never will. In the past, it was easy to just hate the Yanks, and ignore the other teams, but now I have to hate the Yanks, and hear about how great the Sox are. Every asshole seems to have got their hat, and says shit like "Cowboy up". These new wave of Sox's fans are the equivalent of successful business folk liking popular indie or punk bands. Sure, on the outside, it looks like you are down with blue collar rock and still fighting the man. But once you look closer, you can see that the your favorite indie band has gone platinum and lives in a huge ass house.

@ 8:23 AM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

How did a movie review turn into bitterness about the Bosox? (I think Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin and Chris Rock would have something to say about the Saturday Night Live Jab. Not to mention hottie Tina Fey.) They were America goofballs and thats what the public loves. Anyone compared to the Yankees are working class. Lets just hope a truly poor team actually beats both of them. Go Jays and Twins.


@ 11:03 AM, ack kicked the following game:

Making a movie doesn't mean it is a good movie. I'll give you Murphy and Martin, but Lethal Weapon 4 and Mean Girls? Really? Those were good? Another quick point, funky glasses does not = hot. You can ask Lisa Loeb when she checks your ticket to see Fever Pitch.
But the point of the post was not to review this film, it was to point out how much media attention the Sox get. The Sox had the 9th worst attendance in the AL until they picked up all these players (three years ago). it shows how the bandwagon affect happened. Now they are more popular then GHB at frat parties. I agree with the fact they are not the Yanks, teams like the Twins are more deserving, and I respect your points, I just think they are falsely labeled as a blue collar team that deserves all the success and attention they are getting. Anyway, thanks for reading - herohill


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