Canada Runs The NBA

Actually Steve nash runs the NBA, officially being named NBA Most Valuable Player today. And as you must surely know if you're on this site, Steve Nash is Canadian. So even though our one lone NBA franchise is still in the toilet, this is still a great day for Canadian basketball fans. I don't know if I can really express what an accomplishment this is for Nash. There are currently two Canadians playing in the NBA (Toronto's Jamaal Magloire is the other), and one of them won the MVP. The only Canadian guard playing in the NBA won the MVP. The last guard to win the MVP was Allen Iverson, and the last point guard to win it was Magic. Think about that.

Seriously, this is a miraculous accomplishment. But I'll admit I was a little nervous thinking about Nash winning the award. I didn't want to see him win it because he was white and "plays the game the right way" or some such nonsense. Most of the sports writers who vote for the MVP are white, and I'm sure it's just human nature to vote for a guy that looks like your long-haired little brother. I'll give you one guess as to who was the last white dude to win the MVP. Yep, the hick from French Lick, Larry Bird, won 3 straight from 83-86. I'm sure they would've given him 5 more if Jordan and Magic hadn't been on the scene at the same time.

But enough of the negativity, let's all assume they voted Nash the MVP because they all truly believed he was the most valuable player in the NBA. I think he had a great season and I love pure passing point guards (especially Canadian ones), so I'm more than happy to see him get the MVP. And from what I know about Nash, it seems it couldn't have gone to a nicer guy. He seems to care about people, seems to be well liked by the other NBA players, and has opinions on things outside basketball as his anti-war t-shirt at the all star game demonstrated. When you consider he had to send VHS tapes of his highlights to colleges just to get looked at, it's impressive how far he's come. Becoming the MVP after being the 15th pick out of Santa Clara isn't something that usually happens.

He's also been the main cog in the Suns unlikely turn around this year. People were laughing when Phoenix gave him all that money. The Suns improved by 33 games, so I guess Nash was a pretty valuable addition. They said he was too injury prone and played no defence. Well I don't think he missed more 10 games all year, and the Suns don't play any defence anyway, so that wasn't an issue. The Suns just turned out to be the perfect match for Nash this year. They've got an entire roster full of guys who can jump out of the gym and hit 3's, so it must be heaven for a guy with Nash's passing skills. Sort of ironic that he's come back to the team that essentially gave up on him, trading him after 3 years and lead them to the best record in the league.

So Steve Nash, Herohill and the rest of your fellow basketball-loving Canadians salute you. If we still had the Thumbs Up award here you'd win it hands down. I guess you'll just have to accept our hearty congratulations.

@ 10:32 PM, mario kicked the following game:

I can't say I like Nash but I don't hate him either, but either way he is a deserving MVP winner. Nash and Shaq are definitely the top 2 and you could maybe through in Iverson, Nowitzki in the mix as well. But, as I looked at the voting results I saw that PJ Brown had a 5th place vote. PJ Brown??? How does he get mentioned in any MVP voting, especially since his team won like a dozen games. Honestly, which ever sports reporter gave him a 5th place MVP vote, they should never be allowed to vote again. I don't think PJ Brown is even in the top 50 players in MVP voting!


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