Monday, May 2, 2005

I'm just a rock star...

It is no secret I hate Bono. Dude needs to call frankie, and relax. I know he is doing good deeds world over, and I know he is like 50 and still rocking a nickname, but he needs to play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.

Lately, Bono has been very critical of Paul Martin for not delivering the full amount of cash to Foreign Aid that he promised. Bono has been publically pleading with Martin to reconsider how much Canada gives to foreign aid, in between the money fights he and the Edge are having after charging $200+/ticket.

Well Friday the icon surfaced in Vancouver for a show at GM Place, and decided it was time the world (or 15,000 fans) heard what he had to say about Martin. Let's be honest. Foreign aid might not be the number one priority on the Liberals plate right now, and even if it was, how is someone who doesn't live here getting in Martin's crawlspace about foreign aid. Would the necessary cuts to other programs needed to delvier the promised amount affect Bono? Not unless the program was the big ugly glasses and Maserati's for Irish rockers fund. Well, Bono pleaded with concert goers to call Martin at his office and protest. Let's see, 15000 drunk fans, hanging on Bono's words like clothes on a line... You think any of them called?

Message One - Martin, it's me Tom. You are a dick. Giveup the foreign aid. Or don't. I'm not really sure what is even happening, but man, U2 rocks!

Message 14,876 - More of the same crap.

Maybe Martin should return the favour. "Hey fans of Bono. Let's call him up and ask him why he agreed to sell Pras from the Fugees the rights to a song. Does anyone want this song to exist? Nope. So call him up, and plead with him to give all the royalties he is going to make of this steaming pile of crap to the Canadian Foreign Aid fund. Then he can get off my back, and let me worry about things like whether or not I will be forced to call an election after a vote of non-confidence."

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