NBA Rule #4080, All The Referees Are Shady

You'd think Jeff Van Gundy would be thinking strictly about how to right the ship after his Rockets won their first 2 playoff games on the road before promptly losing the next 3 to leave Dallas with a 3 games to 2 lead in their first round series. But no, following the pattern of freaking out about the refs that all NBA coaches now have to follow, Van Gundy felt he needed to talk about some conspiracy theory he was tipped off to be another ref that wasn't working the series. He's been told that the league has targeted Yao Ming and is unfairly singling him out for things like moving screens. Of course this drew a huge fine from David Stern and a veiled threat of banning Van Gundy from the league. All of which is incredibly asinine.

Van Gundy's main concern should actually be doing something about that Homer Simpson strand combover he's got going, but at the very least he shouldn't worry about refereeing conspiracies. Not that I'd put it past NBA refs to be up to some shenanigans like that. Being a Raps season ticket holder the last two years, I've seen tons of live NBA games, and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say the officiating is terrible. From one game to the next, you have no idea what they're going to call. The Raps have very little respect in the league right now, so they get no love from the refs, but even other teams would see some very-inconsistent calls. The article I linked above also seem to suggest they're a shady bunch as indicated by the plane ticket scam they were involved in last year and the fact that Eddie F. Rush hooked Jordan up with ladies from time to time.

But that being said, I can't see the refs getting together and planning to single out Yao for calls. Certainly not because Mark Cuban is putting pressure on the refs as has been suggested. Cuban makes everyone bitter, so his chirping would only make the refs want to make calls against the Mavs, no against Yao. I also can't see the NBA wanting to mess with Yao in the slightest. All the cash they're making off Yao in China and the Asian community in North America makes me think they probably wouldn't stand for the refs doing anything out of the ordinary as far as the Ming Dynasty is concerned.

But Stern needs to relax. A lifetime ban is a little much, just give him the heavy fine and we'll move on. All the coaches think the officiating in the NBA is crap, and their right. So they talk in the media hoping to get any kind of advantage. Maybe real answer is to get some decent refs into the NBA and Van Grumpy can go back to worrying about whether SPF 99 sunblock is strong enough to keep his skin the shade of casper white he's so fond of.

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