Hold up... they let this dude slide?

We at herohill are not ones to type cast anyone. I hate to be judged on my physical appearance, although it happens regularly. For example, when I cross the US/Canada border, I usually get stopped, and asked politely if I am carrying drugs. Sometimes, I end up naked in a room for 20 minutes while they rip apart the rental car, looking for my stash.

I don’t travel with a stash, unless Lapaix is around (best porno stache in the business), so I get aggravated at the hassles I now bank on at the border. Now check out this cat, Gregory Despres.

Let’s start off with the look. Bulging eyes, and one of those Misfit’s styled coifs. Unless he was hoping to find a circle pit or a goth club, I’d let my profiling get the best of me and say this dude is up to no good. The cops thought the same thing, however, upon searching his car they only found:
· A homemade sword
· A knife
· A hatchet
· Brass knuckles

No need to detain this guy, I’d say. According to one of the cops, they tried everything to see if he was a wanted man, but without a crime lab, they couldn’t tell if the stain was blood, or rust, or paint. He was traveling with more weapons than luggage. He had a homemade sword. How are these not red flags? Are you even allowed to make homemade swords unless you are in Kill Bill? That being said, the customs agents confiscated the weapons, and welcomed Mr. Despres into their great nation.

Police found out later that Despres was supposed to be in court for an assault hearing that morning, oh and that his neighbors (with whom he had been fighting with and threatened to kill) were dead; one being stabbed to death, the other decapitated.

Now, I’m not trying to get racial or anything here, but you here countless stories of people being pulled over and detained for simply having a beard or a non English last name. Apparently those are things you can’t overlook, but the bloody chainsaw… go right ahead sir! Enjoy your stay!

@ 6:51 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

What you may not know, and if you do you neglect to mention, is that he is an American citizen, and Finding no charges, therefore no reason to detain him there was no way they could stop him from entering the USA


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Also incorrectly posted ... "upon searching his car.." He walked across the border. The car he stole from the then deceased neighbours was ditched quite a distance away (a few miles/kms).

The border patrol did all they could do -- detained him for 2-3hrs for questioning, fingerprinted him, and confiscated all the "unusual" weapons.

I live in Minto, NB (village of the murders) and am just as upset at the crossing as the next guy. However, the good news is that, because of the border guards we (a) knew that he had crossed, (b) knew where he was headed, (c) were able to capture him, and most importantly (d) now have the possible murder weapons in the hands of the authorities.


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the comments are right you cannot under congressional law detain or delay the entry of either a united states citizen by birth or by naturalization (foreign birth) but attained citizenship. we have a rule that also protects us a citizens it is the 2 hour detention law at the border for searches and/or seizures in dealing with u.s. citizens. under this law any u.s. citizen cannot be detained or delayed more than 2 hours with no discretionary information (i.e) in this example no wants or warrants/ requests were available from the canadian authorities. if the canadian authorities would have put an a.p.b. person of interest lookout on this individual it would not have been a problem to hand this person over to the RCMP. Unfortunately the rules that also protect our right s in the U.S. also tie the hands of law enforcement in cases like this.


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Well, it appears I got my facts wrong, and for that I apologize. We at herohill attempt to bring you the news heavily weighted in sarcasm and our own personal views, but we do not try to bring it to you incorrectly.

That being said, it is also herohill.com not cnn.com. We rank football players on whether or not they have shat in someone's hamper. It is quite obvious we don't use the fact checker 100% of the time.

Thanks for reading.


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about these other comments- first of all, someone said that the article incorrectly reported that he was driving a car? i don't understand. was he just carrying a sword, a knife, a hatchet, brass knuckles, and a chainsaw? or did he have an enormous backpack? secondly, the other comments indicate that the authorities hands were basically tied due to lack of outstanding charges. i don't have any outstanding warrants, but i have a feeling that if i get pulled over for having a taillight out and a cop finds a bloody chainsaw in my car, i'm probably not gonna be able to drive away with a warning.


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update to my post of 14 minutes ago. OK, according to msnbc, he did just have a giant bag. he also told customs officials that he was an assassin with over 700 kills. meanwhile, a guy being detained at the same time (because he had a marijuana conviction over 20 years ago) said that the customs officials were playing with the swords, joking with despres, who didn't seem to blink once in 25 minutes. they were also aware that he had a hearing that morning for assault, and was obviously bailing on it.


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wow so this is the murder i heard about in minto,
Minto is a very small town in NB, and is a great community (my grandparents live in Minto)
Im shocked that this sorta thing happend there.never the sort of place you'd expect such a crime to be committed.
I personaly am interested in swordcraft as an art form, the very thoughts of what he did to his neighbours are very upsetting, and kinda makes me feel bad to actually be thinking of making swords (display purposes, and training as a discipline only)


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