Reduce the terror alert to Yellow - the US got Chong!

You’d be a fool to think the American government doesn’t waste money. Well, quite honestly you’d be a fool to think any government doesn’t waste money (MPs spending hundreds at a pizza parlor for example). In conjunction with the Vancouver film festival that is curently going on, another story of the US government wasting cash caught my eye and has me baffled.

One of the documentaries getting screen is a/k/a Tommy Chong. This film focuses on the conviction of Tommy Chong for selling glass pipes across state lines. I know, I know. I should have warned you about that. Take a seat, get your legs back. Tommy Chong was involved in something marijuana related. The operation arrested 55 people, but as indicated in Josh Gilbert’s documentary, only Tommy Chong served time. The drug enforcement agency needed a visible scapegoat to show they continue to try to stop pot users. To be honest, I am not really interested in the democratic issues, whether or not Chong was prosecuted unfairly because of his stoner image, or whether he pleaded guilty to prevent his son Paris from going to jail. What blows my mind wide open is that this government sting operation cost tax payers 12 MILLON DOLLARS.

12 million dollars to arrest Chong for selling glass pipes. I’m pretty sure Chong probably sleeps on a bed made of pot, and he was selling glass pipes under the company name, Chong Glass. Does it really cost 12 million to sting him? I don’t think it would have cost 12 million to get Sting himself to sting him (and we all know that sting would be tantric).

The war on drugs. The war of terror. Think of the money spent on things like this, and then think of the results. Absolutely nothing positive. Did arresting Chong scare other US people from selling glass pipes and bongs? Well, if you go into any head shop in almost any city in the US, you can walk out with a hooka, so I don’t think so. Every hippie kid in America knows where to find a glass pipe, and every frat dude has a huge hooka to open up their minds for the new Dave Matthews CD. I am pretty sure if you asked 12 million people if they would rather the US government send them a check for a buck, or arrest Chong, 11,999,999 would say, “Give me the fawking dollar” (For some reason I think Cheech hates that Chong won’t grow up and get a real acting gig like Nash Bridges or Tin Cup 2 and was happy to see him get what he had coming). So USA, maybe take a second to look at your real issues. Helping poor people evacuate a sinking city, getting your soldiers out of a war that cannot and will not be won, and making sure that Chong doesn’t profit from his stoner image. If you still think number 3 is important, just mail herohill the 12 million. We will write some zingers about Chong that will have as much affect on the war against drugs as this sting did.

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"I don’t think it would have cost 12 million to get Sting himself to sting him"

fawk, that was funny.

not funny, the fact that the federal government spent $19 billion dollars in 2003 for it's war on drugs.


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