Shed A Tear For Ricky Martin

We've seen some sad news in 2005. The Tsunami in south Asia was beyond comprehension. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was heart-breaking and will take months to recover from. The recent earthquake in Pakistan was devastating. Just when I thought we couldn't hear any more catastrophic news this year, there's this: fame & fortune bored Ricky Martin.

Apparently all that Vida Loca stuff he "sang" about before was a bunch of lies. I thought I knew you Ricky, but apparently the bon-bon shaking, latin hitmaker I knew was a sham. You've hurt me deeply Ricky Martin.

The past year has certainly tested my faith in humanity, but now I find out that not only was Ricky bored by fame, but enraged by it. "There was a moment (in 2002) when I was onstage and I was just so angry". If the man who inspired William Hung is driven to rage and boredom by the fame and unlimited cash generated from horrible songs, what hope do the rest of us have?

The world can be a scary place in 2005.

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