The (tea) party's over...

herohill stives to keep music fans informed of all the haps in the Canadian music scene. In the wake of successes like the Arcade Fire, the Stars, and the stong new album of the New Pornographers, it seemed Canadian music was ready to take off in the '06. That is now in jeopardy, with today's announcement confirmed the number-one Doors cover band, The Tea Party, called it quits.

Obviously herohill and the rest of the Tea Party were on opposite ends of the spectrum when this was announced by frontman Jeff Martin. Drummer Stuart Chatwood was shocked, having "not heard we broke up." Herohill was shocked, having not known, "the band still existed or anyone cared." it brings to mind the old adage, "if a band breaks-up in the woods and the drummer isn't around to hear, is anyone really let down?"

Apparently Jeff has left the band after 15 years, choosing to focus on his acoustic solo record and to tour to support the cd destined to sell out of the bargain rack for years to come. He has not ruled out a reunion, more or less saying, "when this album tanks, and we need to make a cash grab, we will do whatever we can to get paid."

So after a strong career of hits, herohill and music fans alike would like to thank the Tea Party for providing rock anthems for our late high school rebellion phase, and being so dedicated that you continued to make the same type of rock up until today, just in case we needed to revist our past.

@ 9:55 AM, Jay kicked the following game:

I love the smell of bitter in the morning.


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