Tom Cheek 1939-2005

If you've been a Blue Jays fan at all over the last, oh I don't know, 30 years, then chances are you've heard Tom Cheek's voice. That's because the Jays excellent radio man covered them from their inception up until last year when his illness forced him to the sidelines. In fact, he covered a mind blowing 4306 consecutive games, from the very first up until last June when he missed a after his father passed away. 4306 consecutive games, that is truly unbelievable. Unfortunately, Tom Cheek passed away Sunday after a long battle with brain cancer, so we won't get have the pleasure of hearing him call another Blue Jays game.

The Toronto Star has an excellent story on Mr. Cheek, which describes his life and times better than I ever could, so check it out if you'd like to learn a bit more about him.

All I can say from my personal experience is that no matter what the score, I always enjoyed listening to a Jays game called by Tom Cheek and his partner Jerry Howarth. In fact, I can honestly say I enjoyed the radio broadcst of Jays games better than the TV coverage. Since I moved to Toronto, I've always looked forward to being in the car when the Jays were playing. Even being stuck in traffic on the 401 wasn't so bad if Tom was calling a game.

Tom Cheek was an American, but he had a genuine love for Toronto, it's people, and it's baseball team. For that reason, and many others, Tom Cheek will be missed by the city he represented, and the team he covered.

Touch 'em all Tom.

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