The Grey Cup - The R is silent

This weekend, my quiet neighborhood was infiltrated by fans of the CFL. It was Grey Cup Weekend, and we all know what that means. It means that for one weekend of the year, prideful Canadians get together, booze for an entire weekend and claim that the CFL is a better game than the NFL. Parades and face paint - I don’t know. Cheap pints – I’m in.

Normally, being a prideful Canadian, I am willing to support all things Canadian that deep in my heart I know to be inferior when compared to the American counterpart. Canadian bacon? Bring it on. Adding peameal makes this delicious treat much better than standard US ham. Nickleback vs. Creed in a death match: As much as it pains me to say, I think I have to go with Nicklesack. At least Nickleback isn’t repping the Notorious G.O.D. on their crappy tracks. Winnipeg Jets versus the Coyotes of Phoenix: just compare the jerseys and the answer is obvious. But one thing I can’t handle is when people try to say the CFL is a better game than the NFL.

First off, the NFL is hands down the better game. The NFL is the cream of the crop. The best players play in the NFL. Take away Rocket Ismail, who incidentally wasn’t even as good as his brother Qadry (who had a cooler nickname too - the Missile) when he finished pocketing McNall’s cheddar and jumped to the NFL, and no player has ever said, “You know what, the three down league is just too appealing to pass up.” Players in the CFL are in the CFL for one of three reasons:

  • They couldn’t make the NFL
  • They are Canadian, and the league makes teams have a certain number of Canadians on each team
  • They are former NFL players hoping to run away from drug charges (Phillips), or college stars like Andre Ware who can’t hang in the NFL

It’s that simple. Look at last year’s Most Outstanding Player, Casey Printers (by the way, the MOP instead of the MVP is equally ridiculous). He’s not even the starter on his current team, but the hint of the NFL has him rethinking his options. The chance to play in the NFL is something no one in the CFL, aside from Damon Allen would turn down. Some of the best players in CFL history used the CFL as a launch pad to the NFL (Warren Moon, Flutie Flakes, hell even Gil ‘the Thrill’ Fenerty got some NFL love after starting up North), and any one who thinks they have any chance leaves for a tryout. Players don’t want to play in the CFL. They want to play on Sundays.

The other argument I hate is that the CFL is more exciting than the NFL. The games are higher scoring! Yeah, we get it. The CFL games are like 45-39. I will take a guess how why the scores are higher. The first reason is the field is huge. The field is so wide that players actually need to get those IronMan watering stations on the field for when they run a 10-yard out. Look at the end zones. You can throw a fade on the 5 yard line, and the receiver has like 40 yards to get open. If you can’t get open in a twenty five yard end zone you might as well not be playing football. While we are on the topic of the end zone, why are the uprights on the field of play? I guess if they were at the back on the end zone, you’d have to be Tom Demsey to kick an extra point, but seriously – they are in the field of play. It’s like a bad sketch show. Throw this pass to the middle and see if we can get the dude to run into the post.

The no yards rule is just as helpful. The field is like seven hectares wide, but you can’t get within five yards of the fastest player on most teams? It was harder to run back a kick in Tecmo Bowl with the ole back and forth. Imagine giving Deion or Dante Hall a 5 yard cushion? They might score on every kick. You also get points for missing field goals and punting it into the end zone. Someone should have told Scott Sisson about the CFL because he would have scored more than Walt Frazier. You get points for missing. It is the CFL’s version of “everyone gets a ribbon day.” You can actually win a game by blasting the ball through the back of the end zone. Priceless.

The other rule that needs to really be scrapped is the whole anybody can be in motion gimmick. You wonder why the scoring is higher. Well, when five WRs can be running full speed to the line, how can DBs be expected to stop them? Let’s have a race. You start for a dead stop, I’ll get a 20 yard run up and we will run to a spot 10 yards downfield, but you won’t know what spot it is. Who do you think will get there first? The only thing stopping players from scoring on every play is the football is basically a watermelon with laces. Taking college QBs from the US and trying to get them familiar to the Canadian game is like watching Junior high school girls try to go from the 76 to the 77-sized basketball. Your 19 ft jumpshot range just dropped to about 12 ft. I’m surprised anyone can throw a spiral.

My biggest problem with the CFL is the loyal CFL fans (aside from Jason Reynolds and Dave Patrick). It’s always some hardass who is quick to point out that Canadians showed Americans how to play football. Yeah, we also showed them how to play hoops. I’m thinking they learned pretty quickly as they pound us like a kid brother year in and year out. The CFL is popular for two weeks a year. The reason is people in Canada like to drink, and the Grey Cup is a party. Don’t confuse that with the fact a game is being played. The actual game wasn’t even a sell out. People would trade a kidney, hell they’d trade a kid, for a chance to see the SuperBowl. Fans here wouldn’t even pay face value. So let’s make a National pact. I’ll hoist some beers with you on Grey Cup weekend, and you just stop trying to say our football is the best game on the planet. Deal?

@ 4:43 PM, mario kicked the following game:

Two things I love about the CFL is that many of the place kickers are the teams punters as well. And not to mention the "one-point" missed kick rule. I love it when the score reads 14-1.

Lui Passaglia Rules!!!


@ 2:11 PM, foon kicked the following game:

i turned on the tv a couple of months ago and there was a cfl game on. the score was 4-2!! how is this even possible in football? technically i know how the score could be reached but still, that aint a football score, thats not even a hockey score this year.


@ 2:24 PM, foon kicked the following game:

.... and why does high scoring have to mean more exciting? all-star games are high scoring but i can't remember the last time i watched one. personally i can only handle so many 50-40 games. why is the defence even there, why not just let each team try some 2 on 0 and have the qb line up and see how many times they can hit their receiver on a fly. first on to miss loses.


@ 7:57 AM, Jason kicked the following game:


CFL is a great game... no fair catch.. how great is that?

I agree that the best players are in the NFL and that is for 2 main reasons.

1. Most great players are american and don't want to play football in a strange country like canada.

2. This is the deal breaker.. CASH. Why would anyone turn down millions in the NFL so they could play for hundreds in the CFL

3. CFL rules... acker sucks.. ;)


@ 9:12 PM, fred kicked the following game:

Anyone who thinks the NFL game is better than the Canadian game knows nothing about football!


@ 1:13 PM, mike kicked the following game:

nfl=greed cfl=players play for the game
nfl=just the fact the us thinks they are better than everyone else(ego)
cfl=no greed equals love for game
nfl=if your offence cant get ten yards of 4 plays the offence sucks
nfl=if you need 45 seconds to waste to make a play --your an idiot


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