The Lovely Feathers

Despite what the Juno awards are trying to tell the world, Canada is creating some of the best music. Vancouver, Montreal and the TeeDot are living it up with bands that are getting more and more hype every day. It makes herohill proud to be Canadian. One such band is Montreal based The Lovely Feathers. One not such band is Nickleback.

It's hard to keep up with the Jones-es, or in this case, the Picasso's, but the Lovely Feathers have a couple from their new album up on myspace. The new album, due out April 18th/2006 on Equator Music, adds helps put the eh to eh-mazing by keeping the production and engineering Canadian (Jimmy -BSS & Drew -engineered almost every great Canadian indie band going, like my favs the Unicorns). Their songs are catchy, quirky jams that you can't help but dance along to. Plus, they named a song fudgical (which not to sound like an ignorant Canadian, but I'm not sure if fudgicals are universal - so someone let me know).

MP3:: Mildly Decorated

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