Raspberry Boozeret

Every so often the world of music and Alaskan basketball players from my favorite college team intersect and the result is non stop hilarity. A report surfaced recently that Utah Jazz (and Duke alum) hairy-chested power forward, Carlos Boozer, sued the tenant renting his $70,000/month LA mansion for damages to the property. So what you ask? It's just like the time one of your friend's was desperate for a summer sublet only to return from Summer break to find the place destroyed. And unlike your friend, Boozer has cash in spades, so it should be a minor blip considering even NBA fans don't really care about Mr. Boozer.

The thing is this; the tenant was everyone's pint sized, sexy R&B; legend Prince. Prince rented this mansion and decided to make a few minor improvements to Boozer's edifice, including:
  • Adding purple, monogrammed carpet to Boozer's bedroom
  • Adding a huge Prince symbol and the number that are the new album title to the outside of Boozer's house
  • Adding purple pinstripes to the pad

More or less, picturing Boozer coming home to find this is comical. But the obvious question arises. Can you really expect to rent your place to Prince and not expect some kind of nuttiness? I mean, Prince is the same guy who changed his name to a symbol, and than changed it back. He records music videos that he never intends to show the public. He has exotic animals all over his crib. He's plays that wacky ass guitar and dresses like a nutter. Did Boozer really think Prince would leave his pad in tip top shape with a nice little thank you note and a bottle of wine? Also, why does Boozer have this crib in LA?

I also have to ask, what is the deal with Prince and the purple. I know it was his thing back in the day, but does he really need to keep rocking it out? I know people have their calling cards, but after a while you have to do something else. I mean, I have a favorite color as well, but once I got past the age of 6, I stopped trying to every possession and outfit blue. Plus Prince is a midget. I would think he'd want to stop dressing so nutty and play the back. It's not like if he was dressed in some khaks and some one-stars, people would forget who he is. Wow, that 4'10" dude over there looks a lot like Prince. Even has his wacky hair and Hulk Hogan-esque painted in beard. But no purple, so it can’t be him.

Anyway, Go Duke.

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