Beat Radio - Ecstatic EP + new song!

Recently, my friend Tyler told me he bought a CD. Normally, you may be like, "who cares". But this is a guy who owns about four CDs (yet – ironically runs a music/pop culture blog). After hearing he made the effort to purchase a CD, I decided it would have to be worth checking out.

Beat Radio is a band from NYC and although they are new on the scene, people are comparing them to BSS, CYHSY and Luna (to me they also touch on early Promise Ring, so I'm all in). More or less, people are saying they are really good. They released the Ecstatic EP and it is selling on CDbaby for 5 bucks. Think of things you can buy for 5 duckets:
  • A coffee
  • A magazine (not all of them)
  • A two-item combo at Manchu Wok

However, if you use that 5 bucks to pick up the EP, you will be treated to 6 songs that will find your way onto almost any summer mix CD you make. The EP is fantastic; using synths/moogs, upbeat danceable number, catchy guitar hooks and singable choruses. Again, let me reiterate, five bucks. The number of listens you will get from the track, Treetops makes this purchase worth while.

Normally I’m promoting acoustic, obscure music on this site, but Beat Radio is great in the simplicity of the songs. Although the band adds layers and programmed beats to fill out the tracks, the low-fi, fuzz filled straight ahead hooks and rhythms are the structure that drives these tracks and keeps you hitting repeat.

The band is offering up three songs for you, including the song Treetops which will become a staple on your IPOD (along with some fantastic 4-tracks demos of 8 tracks). Grab em and enjoy:
MP3:: Beat Radio MP3 page

Beat Radio released two tracks from the upcoming release – Great Big Sea – on their myspace page.
stream:: everything is temporary
MP3:: fearful – this track is a nice change of pace for the band. The songs starts out with a simple acoustic riff and Brian’s fragile voice and emotional lyrics – “my love will follow you wherever you may go” and adds strings and a piano to really craft a beautiful track.

@ 3:05 PM, Dan kicked the following game:

Yeah, I pretty much think BR is the best unsigned band in NYC. Agreed that "Treetops" is impossible stop listening too, especially on the morning commute, or the sunday "drunk before noon" barbeque. I can't wait to see them live again.


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