Go! Team Giveaway!

Everyone likes free stuff. And more importantly, everyone likes the Go! Team. Well, herohill has the new Go! Team PROMO album – Audio Assault Course: The College Radio Sessions – and we are going to give one lucky reader a copy.

The disc features live radio versions of songs from their outstanding Thunder, Lightning, Strike. The album is fantastic, and showcases the high energy and fun sounds the band is known for.

Track list:
  • Huddle Formation (KCRW)
  • Junior Kickstart (KEXP)
  • Bottle Rocket (KEXP)
  • We Just Won’t Be Defeated (KEXP)
  • Ladyflash (KEXP)
  • The Icestorm (KCRW)
  • Huddle Flash (Kevin Shields –v- the Go!Team)

    If you want, you can read our interview with Ian - here.

    Just leave your name in the comments, and this record can be yours. Contest ends on May 12th.

  • @ 8:37 PM, jgrow217@yahoo.com kicked the following game:

    i love to win.


    @ 8:59 PM, Ryan.crowder@gmail.com kicked the following game:

    I just wont be defeated..



    @ 8:29 AM, Woodland Bear kicked the following game:

    I want the Go! Team's Brightonesque musical babies. Please!

    Stephen W. Thomas


    @ 6:42 PM, Loki kicked the following game:

    i hate winning but i'm trying to get over it




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