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Just a random mix of the songs we’ve been digging here on the hill:

Brother – Murder by Death. This track is a great upbeat tale of a brother trying to protect his nare-do-well brother from the law.

Sons of Cain – Ted Leo & Rx (live on KEXP). It’s no secret we at the hill believe Ted Leo can do no wrong. This is an unreleased track that hopefully will make the new album. (NOTE – CRAZY LOW VOLUME RECORDING)

Suitcase – Bleachers. Do you like jangly guitar? Do you like a nice kick drum heavy rhythm? Do you like songs that get stuck in your head? If yes, you like the Bleachers.

Lovers Who Uncover – The Little Ones. The early buzz is that these guys are the next Shins. It’s hard to disagree after hearing this song.

Soft & Warm - Voxtrot. Blogosphere dandies are back with another EP. The lyric, "I grieve you for the person you used to be", makes the track for me.

Dead End – Whitest Boy Alive. Whitest funk around. If these two songs from the Infatuation single are any indication, Erlend Oye’s side-project is going to be fantastic.

Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby – The Islands. Unicorn fans were excited to have the heart and soul working together again, but as of this week J’aime has left the band. Too bad as this album is really nice.

Things they Say – Method Man ft. Lauryn Hill. Method Man is back, and he is not happy people are dissing him. Lauryn’s guitar riff and trademark voice makes this a perfect summer track.

Crazy – Ray LaMontagneIs it too soon for a Gnarls Barkley cover? Ray’s voice and simple guitar riff might not be as addictive as Cee-lo and Danger Mouse, but I love this track.

Good Man – Josh Ritter. Animal Years is so far my favorite album of the year, and this fantastic song is ranking high up there for my song of the year.

Treetops – Beat Radio. I’m just getting on the Beat Radio band wagon, but this song is amazing. Its got great programmed drums, layers and doesn’t try to do too much. The hook, chorus and verses are enough without trying anything too much. Perfect for fans of late 90’s Indie rock.

Black Swan – Thom Yorke. Ok. Overall, this album is a huge disappointment for me (much like the last few Radiohead albums - this sounds a lot like Amnesiac), but helps show that Radiohead is not just Thom Yorke. It’s mostly filler, very little killer and leaves me a little flat in a lot of spots. This song however is great.

Three Seed – Silversun Pickups. This jam takes me back to the days of shoegaze and alternative like the Pixies and MBV. Other than Tom Cruise’s sexuality, this band is LA’s best kept secret. These guys are finally going to release a full-length, and with praise from the likes of GvsB, I expect it will be huge.

Wicked Gil – Band of Horses (live on KEXP). This album is shaping up to be one of my top 10 for the year. This version of the song is played a bit slower, and is dedicated to Gil Meche. While I don’t like Gil, or the Mariners for that matter, it’s comical to dedicate a song to a mediocre pitcher.

The Death of Us – New Amsterdams. Matt’s been writing great songs for years with both the Get Up Kids and the New Ams. Finally finding a full-time band and adding crazy lap steel, layers and textures really shows how great his songs can be.

Invoice – Conrad Ford. Mellow, alternative country. I can’t complain, and Mr. McAllistar’s voice really hits home with me.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Jose Gonzalez. Not my favorite Joy Division song by any means, but as always, Jose makes this cover his own. Can’t wait to see him play in Vancouver later this month.

Television – Brian Sendrowitz. Front man for Beat Radio’s more stripped down acoustic side. At times strikes me a bit like David Gray. Hopefully that doesn’t turn people off, because it is a great song.

Download the zip here.

@ 10:32 AM, Mr Flood kicked the following game:

Hi! Great compilation! I really like all the comments of the songs. Here in Argentina some of this bands/artists are very unknown and can't wait to listen to them. I just tried to download the zip compilation but Argentine users have always problems with Megaupload. I hope you can place it anywhere else. Thanks a lot!

Mr Flood.-


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