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Josh Ritter's new album, The Animal Years, is unreal. I've been listening to it non-stop for the last couple of weeks. I've suggested it to anyone who will listen. It's weird. Some bands that I'm not sold on (i.e., Beirut) get crazy blog love, while others that I think are unreal are almost ignored. Pretty well the only site I've seen that is loving Josh's effort is IGIF.

Stream the whole album - here.
You can download two albums tracks:
MP3:: Girl in the War
MP3:: Thin Blue Flame

While these songs are great, my favorite track is Good Man. The piano and brushed drums compliment Josh's amazing vocals perfectly. Adding a little keyboard/computer effect and backing harmonies just keeps the track building. I've been looking for the perfect road trip song for the last week or two, and I finally might have found it. I usually don't don't this, but I find myself repeating this song over and over again. So check it out.
MP3:: Good Man

@ 6:55 AM, Ianni kicked the following game:

Good Man is a sweet pick Bry! Nice one.


@ 12:56 AM, Charles Olney kicked the following game:

I agree about both Josh Ritter and Beirut. Beirut is almost certainly doing more "interesting" work, but I'd much rather listen to Josh Ritter. I'll take the guy who writes simple, catchy songs even if I have to lose some cool-points.


@ 7:01 PM, Charles kicked the following game:

I just picked up the Josh Ritter CD and so far so good. I'll probably review it next week.


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