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It's funny how some labels get super cred right away, while others take much longer. I remember growing up as a punk rocker (well, as much as a punk rocker as Halifax + skateboards that I could barely ride + not piercing my face allowed), I was always ready to try out a CD by any band on fat wreck or Lookout! records. It didn't really matter too much which CD I grabbed, because the sound was going to be at least roughly similar to things I already liked.

As I began to listen to more Indie and acoustic music, my comfort labels changed too. Sub Pop, Barsuk, 4AD and Brushfire records became easy pics. However, one label I never write about enough is jagjaguwar. As my friend Tadd pointed out, they really can do no wrong.

Starting with two of my favorite bands, the death metal tinged, casio keyboard sounds of the Pink Mountaintops (or maybe more accurately starting with Black Mountain) and continuing to beautiful medodies and intricate word play of Okkervil River, the label is putting out a lot of music I am really into these days.

Pink Mountaintops MP3's:: New Drug Queens, Rock N Roll Fantasy.
Okkervil River MP3's:: For Real, No Key, No Plan.

So here's a question. If you had to randomly pick a label to hear a musician without any prior knowledge, what label would you choose?

UPDATE - IGIF put up a few Mason Jennings tracks, so check out the amazing Jesus are you Real.

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